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What Hungarians celebrate on August 20

by Bence Balogh*

Every year on August 20, Hungary celebrates numerous occasions as this date has an important part in the country’s history.

On this day, the people of Hungary honour the state foundation of the country and the thousand-year continuity of the Hungarian State, commemorate the first king of Hungary, St. Stephen I., and celebrate the feast of new bread.

It is one of the oldest Hungarian holidays going back to 1092.

The Citadella on the top of Gellért Hill in Budapest, Hungary. Photo

The celebratory events on this day start with the flag-raising ceremony followed by the inauguration of military officers on Kossuth square in front of the Parliament in Budapest.

Throughout the day, one can attend multiple cultural events all over the country, such as the Festival of Folk Arts in the high castle of Buda, where numerous Hungarian artisans such as potters, wood carvers and lacemakers exhibit their traditional craftsmanship and preserve the heritage of our ancestors.

As part of the festival, the Street of Hungarian Flavors offers a great variety of traditional Hungarian foods to taste, as well as the ‘cake of the country,’ differing from year to year based on a competition among confectioners all over the country.

The fantasy name of this year’s cake is ‘grandma’s favourite.’

The filling of this delicious cake is made of white chocolate, pistachios, mascarpone mousse, hibiscus flowers and rose hips, and the pastry is made of almond and coconut flour.

The crown jewel of the celebration is the fireworks after sunset. The capital’s skies are filled with thousands of colourful blasts mingling with the cheering sounds of Hungarians, signalling their strength and independence in the heart of Europe. VNS

* A diplomat at the Hungarian embassy in Hà Nội.

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