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Tuesday, 16/04/2024 15:07

A Man with Pink Passion

HCM CITY – Phan Văn Chánh, a 69-year-old man living in Phú Nhuận District in HCM City, has adorned his house and household items with pink.

He started this work in 2021 at the time of the lockdown for COVID-19, and he was retired.

Every household item has been painted the colour pink, even the tennis racket. – VNS Photo Hồng Linh

He said that painting his house and household items pink partly stems from a desire that through this, his life could become brighter and help him forget about past sorrows.

He even has a small garden in his house

Additionally, he said that there are many torn bags hanging on the fences in front of his house, which makes the front fence smell bad and look unattractive. 

Therefore, he has decided to recycle plastic bottles he buys or receives into eye-catching pink flower pots to hang on the front fence.

He is repainting plastic bottles that have been recycled into flower pots. They will be used as hanging planters along the fence in his neighborhood.

He carries out this task every day with the goal of eventually covering the front fence of his house with greenery.

Each morning, he waters those plants at 3 am. This is to avoid watering the plants during times that might contribute to traffic congestion in the neighborhood.

Chánh waters the plants on the fence.
He said that after he doing this, there are no more garbage bags hanging on the fence, and people stop by to take pictures of this fence.

He said that through this, he wants to spread positive energy and make his neighborhood cleaner and more beautiful. – VNS

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