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Friday, 19/04/2024 09:40

Central hub promotes ‘green’ growth tourism

Travellers explore the ancient architecture of the UNESCO-recognised world heritage site Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary in Quảng Nam Province. The central hub has launched a promotion programme to attract more visitors to destinations. VNS Photo Công Thành 

QUẢNG NAM — The central province has boosted a huge promotion programme, the ‘green’ heritage experience, luring domestic and foreign tourists to world heritage sites and well-conserved destinations between May to November.

Director of the provincial department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Nguyễn Thanh Hồng said at the programme launch on April 16th that it’s one of the most attractive promotions since the provincial tourism industry fully resumed last year.

Hồng said at least 30 hotels and travel agencies committed to offering 30 to 50 per cent rebates for MICE and golf events.

“The longest promotion programme of the year has drawn the participation of 100 travel businesses with total value of VNĐ10 billion (US$400,000), excluding discount rate of from 15 to 30 per cent offered by entertainment, cuisine and railway,” Hồng said.

Chàm Islands, off the coast of Hội An ancient town, features well-preserved nature and environment. The world biosphere reserve is one of the sites most visited by international visitors. Photo courtesy of Green Tours 

“The provincial tourism industry focuses in boosting ‘green’ tour service that has been built as a key brand of Quảng Nam, home to two UNESCO-recognised world heritage sites – Hội An ancient town and Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary, and world biosphere reserve of Chàm Islands-Hội An,” he said.

“Quảng Nam has strongly promoted the advantage of rich culture value of 450 historical and cultural relics and traditional festivals as well as well-protected biodiversity conservation forest and natural landscapes,” he added.

The Japanese bridge is a symbol of Hội An. The town draws international visitors for its unique culture and lifestyle, as well as well-protected architecture. VNS Photo Công Thành 

The director said the province has welcomed 1.7 million visitors, of which one million are international visitors, in the first quarter this year, a 25 per cent growth from the same period last year.

Nguyễn Xuân Hà, vice chairman of Hội An destination club, said difference in tour service has been built in creating favourite options for tourists even in low season (between September and November).

He said Hội An ancient town would turn flood days into an experience for visitors exploring the Old Quarter in water.

An adventure traveller holds a big tree in a primary forest in Tây Giang district of Quảng Nam Province. The central province has been building 'green' tourism brand to attract tourists in 2024. Photo courtesy of Lê Quốc Việt 

“We plan to offer low-season service by telling stories of old houses, ancient culture and lifestyle of community in flood. It means that travel businesses Hội An try to make impossible solutions into possible chances,” Hà explained.

“Tourists could find interesting experience in traveling by boats in old streets, and they will understand how the local community gets through disaster,” he said.

Hà added the group of travel agencies has built a digital platform that helps link tour service from different suppliers, creating smooth solutions for tour bookings.

Chairman of Thiên Minh Group, Trần Trọng Kiên suggested that Quảng Nam should look at how to promote Hội An as a destination for the whole world.

“Quảng Nam should go all the way in boosting ‘green’ and sustainable tourism brand that it has been following. It needs involvement of community, business and local authorities,” Kiên suggested.

“Hội An is seen as an attractive long-stay destination among international visitors in Việt Nam. And the provincial tourism industry could make Hội An a must-stay site for foreigners,” he said.

Cơ Tu people, a major ethnic group in Quảng Nam province, play gongs and dance in a traditional festival in Quảng Nam Province. The central hub includes tour service in mountainous areas as a unique tourism product. Photo courtesy of Lê Lâm

Kiên added Thiên Minh Group has transferred a digital platform to the province after years of development in supporting Quảng Nam’s tourism.

He said the platform had received 16 million visits, or 600,000 online interactions each month.

Hoàng Gia Khánh, general director of the Việt Nam Railway Corporation, said it has been building tour service and upgraded carriages that link with Quảng Nam’s tourism promotion programme.

Trần Hoàng Linh, head of VietJetAir central region office, said the budget carrier has exploited maximum operation time of aircraft in dealing with aircraft shortage in Việt Nam.

He said VietJetAir urged travel businesses and hotel owners in central Việt Nam to cooperate in offering smooth service for international tourists visiting central Việt Nam.

“Hội An is a favourite destination to Indian and Australian tourists, so travel agencies and accommodation service providers should set up different combined options for the new emerged tourism markets via VietJetAir’s service,” he urged.

Võ Quang Liên Kha, from Vietravel company, said tour service and product in Hội An has built a national and international standard brand, while Huế, Đà Nẵng, Hội An and Quảng Nam are building a similar service related to beach vacation.

“I think Quảng Nam, Huế, Đà Nẵng and Hội An have potential infrastructure for hosting international sports and combined vacations,” Kha said.

“Vietravel has successfully hosted the UIM-ABP Aquabike Grand Prix and the UIM-F1H2O Grand Prix in Bình Định Province with the participation of athletes from 160 countries in the world,” he explained.

“Coastal central Việt Nam is a favourite site for inviting world bands and musical events, or a wedding destination for famous couples,” he suggested.

Quảng Nam has been building green tourism brand and 'Zero Waste and Plastic Tourism' as an attraction to tourists.

The province has launched 2024 as the year of national biodiversity recovery campaign as a strong commitment on nature conservation and protection as a base for sustainable growth.

Quảng Nam plans to build itself as a destination of international tourism in the Master Plan 2021-30, with vision to 2050.

Last year, Hội An town joined as a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in the Crafts and Folk Art category.

Quảng Nam tourism contributes from 10 to 12 per cent to the provincial Gross Regional Domestic Product.

The provincial tourism industry targets to host 7.6 million tourists in 2024. VNS

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