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Tuesday, 14/05/2024 18:21

Phiêng Ban village kicks off plum harvesting season

In early May, Phiêng Ban begins the plum picking season.

ĐBP — The fruit harvesting season has commenced in the plum gardens of Phiêng Ban Village, Nà Tấu Commune, Điện Biên Phủ City.

However, due to unfavourable weather conditions during plum bloom, the expected yield this year is lower than usual. On the positive side, the price of plums at the beginning of the season is nearly double compared to previous years, which provides some relief to the plum growers in Phiêng Ban.

Phiêng Ban plums at the beginning of the season.

Phiêng Ban Valley boasts one of the largest areas dedicated to plum cultivation in the province of Điện Biên. With over 120 households, the majority of the village residents are involved in growing and caring for plum trees. Since it is the beginning of the season, people are selectively harvesting ripe fruits to prevent them from falling or spoiling. The harvested plums are being sold by local vendors along Highway 279.

It is anticipated that by the end of May, the main season will witness a larger quantity of ripe plums, necessitating an even more expedited harvest. In addition to the active harvesting, the people of Phiêng Ban are also organising tours for visitors to explore the gardens, take photographs, and participate in fruit picking. However, visitors are urged to act responsibly by refraining from picking unripe fruits and avoiding damage to the branches.

Although this year's Phiêng Ban plums are not as plentiful as in previous years, with many trees bearing only a limited number of fruits, garden owners in the village have noted that the prices are higher compared to last year. For instance, during the same period last year, plums were priced between VNĐ15,000 and VNĐ20,000 per kilogramme. However, at the beginning of this year's crop, the average price per kilogramme of plums rose to VNĐ30,000. Furthermore, large, ripe fruits were being sold for VNĐ35,000 per kilogramme. VNS

Interspersed with the branches are ripe plums.
Many tourists choose this time to visit Phiêng Ban plum garden.
Tourists harvest fruit together.
The ripe fruits of this year's season.
Plum output in Phiêng Ban this year is considered lower than every year but the selling price is higher than the same period last year.
The harvested plums are being sold by local vendors along Highway 279.
Plum prices at the beginning of the season range from VNĐ30,000 - 35,000 per kilogramme..
Although not as fruitful as every year, the beauty of Phiêng Ban plum garden still attracts many young people to explore.

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