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FIDE president has high expectations for Vietnam chess

The HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament has helped boost Viet Nam’s reputation in international chess.
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HA NOI—Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the president of the World Chess Federation (FIDE), said he had high expectations of the current generation as he visited Viet Nam for the annual HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament that began in Ha Noi on March 10.

After being held in HCM City for the last seven years for the first time the event moves to Ha Noi.

Visiting Viet Nam for the first time, Ilyumzhinov, the man in charge of world chess, commended the contribution of the HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament and HDBank’s efforts to raise Viet Nam’s profile in international chess.

At the event’s opening ceremony, he said: “With what the HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament has achieved, I believe that in the future Viet Nam will gain even more success, even in FIDE’s World Chess Championship, as Viet Nam is now more than capable of such feats.

“With its rich history in chess, Viet Nam has become a very significant member in international chess. The success of your chess players is a clear evidence of it. The young generation has achieved brilliant results in various championships,” he said.         

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam (R) hails FIDE’s help in developing chess in Viet Nam.

At a meeting with Ilyumzhinov on March 10, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam thanked FIDE for its efforts to promote chess in Viet Nam, saying it is “one of the few sports where Viet Nam has reached international levels.”

He hoped that in future FIDE would not only train chess players in the country, but also provide arbiters, share its organisational experience and train teachers and coaches at sport universities. More school competitions should be held to attract more people to the sport, he said.

The deputy prime minister instructed the Viet Nam Chess Federation and Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism to work with FIDE to organise more chess tournaments and events to promote the sport in the country.

Ilyumzhinov said Viet Nam already had lots of good professional players achieving high results in international tournaments. A major event such as the HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament was necessary to hone the skills of Vietnamese players, he said.

He promised that FIDE would continue to assist Viet Nam’s chess development, help add chess to school curriculums and assist Viet Nam with organising tournaments.

Earlier, Ilyumzhinov also called on Nguyen Thien Nhan, the HCM City Party Committee Secretary. The two hailed the development of chess in the country both professionally and in schools, and the role of large tournaments like the HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament in honing the skills of professionals like Le Quang Liem.

Ilyumzhinov promised that FIDE would help HCM City develop chess, saying it would aid in FIDE’s goal of increasing the number of chess players from 600 million to 1billion by 2020.

Recognising HDBank’s contributions, FIDE expressed hope that the annual tournament would continue to be held in future with more participants and exciting matches.

Viet Nam Oman Investment supports intellectual sports

Viet Nam Oman Investment (VOI), a sponsor for the tournament, acts as a bridge for investments from the Middle East (especially Oman) to Viet Nam.

It has invested over US$200 million in the last 10 years in electricity, infrastructure, education, and farming.

VOI also cares deeply for social development and the community.

The HDBank Cup International Open Chess Tournament and its promotion of intellectual sports supports VOI’s goal of developing Vietnam’s intellectual potential.

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