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IRONMAN 70.3 Phú Quốc offers world-class race course to thousands of athletes


As many as 2,000 athletes will compete in the first IRONMAN 70.3 Phú Quốc on November 19 in Kiên Giang Province. Photo of organisers

Thanh Hà

PHÚ QUỐC – Phú Quốc becomes the next exciting triathlon destination in Việt Nam as the inaugural BIM Group IRONMAN 70.3 Phú Quốc officially opened yesterda in Kiên Giang Province.

Việt Nam's second Ironman event, following the first one in Đà Nẵng in May, features 2,000 athletes including a large Vietnamese contingent and a diverse array of international competitors from 47 countries and territories, who will also discover the world-class facilities and idyllic tropical setting on the Pearl Island of Phú Quốc.

Sunrise Events Vietnam, in an effort to expand the IRONMAN 70.3 platform in the country, cooperates with the Kiên Giang People' Committee to organise the tournament and promote sports and overall tourism to the island. The Phú Quốc Marina Resort and Entertainment complex, an expansive resort and entertainment centre developed by BIM Group, serves as race and host venue, with the official competition taking place on Sunday.

“We are thrilled to be adding a second IRONMAN 70.3 race in Việt Nam in the beautiful tropical setting of Phú Quốc Island. Similar to the success we have achieved in Đà Nẵng, I fully expect our Phú Quốc event to become one of the most popular events on the IRONMAN 70.3 calendar in Asia," said Bằng Trịnh, Co-Founder of Sunrise Events Vietnam.

A press briefing about the world-class triathlon IRONMAN 70.3 Phú Quốc is organised on Friday. Photo of organisers

"Having participated in many IRONMAN events around the world, I’ve always believed that Phú Quốc, with its beautiful beaches and luxurious world-class resorts, has the potential to become a top global destination for athletes and their families.”

Athletes will compete in a 1.9km swim course at the Phú Quốc Marina Coconut Tree Beach nestled along the Gulf of Thailand. They then move to a 90km cycling route traversing the southern part of the island, followed by a flat 21.1km running course.

The race welcomes six-time IRONMAN World Champion and Hall of Fame athlete Mark Allen who will be a special guest and speaker as part of his first visit to Việt Nam.

The attendance of the living legend reflects the rising profile and significance of the country in the triathlon world. Since hosting its first IRONMAN 70.3 race in 2015, Việt Nam has garnered many noteworthy achievements, including hosting the 2019 Asia Pacific Championship and the largest IRONMAN 70.3 event in Southeast Asia in 2023.

According to the organisers, Việt Nam continues to make its impact felt on the global triathlon community and Allen’s visit will further boost the enthusiasm with which the Vietnamese have embraced the sport and lifestyle. 

The IRONMAN 70.3 Phú Quốc is officially opened on Friday. VNS Photo Thanh Hà

"We are delighted to host the IRONMAN 70.3 event for the first time in Phú Quốc. This is a testament to our commitment to promoting sports and tourism in the province," said Nguyễn Văn Sáu, director of the provincial Department of Culture and Sports and Head of the Organising Committee.

"The event is promised to allow Phú Quốc to showcase its natural beauty and cultural richness. It also shows that Phú Quốc is an ideal place for athletes from around the world to compete, challenge themselves and achieve their goals. We look forward to welcoming athletes and spectators to this exciting event and believe that this event will elevate our island's image as a world-class tourist and sports destination."

Đoàn Quốc Huy, CEO of BIM Group, said that the success of last year BIM Group Triathlon 5150 Phú Quốc confirmed the potential of the island in developing internationally-branded sports tourism products, thereby enhancing competitiveness among other island destinations in the region.

With that in mind, BIM Group continued to collaborate with Sunrise Events Vietnam to organise the first IRONMAN 70.3 Phú Quốc. The event reflected BIM Group's vision to make Phú Quốc an outstanding island destination: endowed with unique nature, diverse and rich tourism products, alongside luxurious hotels, resorts, and world-class services.

In IRONMAN events, athletes take part in tough swimming, cycling and running courses. Photo of organisers

The 'Best In Me' vision would continue to inspire athletes competing in the upcoming event to reach new heights, enabling each individual to discover their best version.

The triathlon will allocate 30 qualifying spots for the 2024 VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship taking place in Taupo, New Zealand.

SUNRISE, SPRINT and IRONKIDS Vietnam will also take place as sidelined event on Saturday. VNS

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