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LG signs MoU with VBSF to develop baseball and softball in Việt Nam

Hà Nội— LG Electronics Group has pledged to sponsor an amount of VNĐ 130,000,000 to the Việt Nam Baseball and Softball Federation (VBSF) under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the two sides in Hà Nội on Monday.

The co-operation deal aims to bring an active change for the baseball movement in Việt Nam.

From right Trần Đức Phấn, deputy head of the Vietnam Sports Administration and chairman of the VBSF, Nam Sung Woo, general director LG Việt Nam’s Business and Marketing and coal Park Hyo Chul at the MoU signing ceremony in Hà Nội on Monday. Photo LG Việt Nam.

Baseball has become an official sport at the Olympics since 1992. It has been imported into Việt Nam since the 90s through co-operations between Việt Nam and foreign economics groups and organisations including South Korean companies working in the country.

The establishment of VBSF in 2020 was a key turning point to help and strongly support athletes to officially join tournaments while assisting Vietnamese baseball and softball communities to gradually catch up with professional techniques of the region and the world.

Being a leading electronics company of South Korea with 75 years carrying out business and global trademark, LG had a profound understanding of the local culture and market. Witnessing Vietnamese with sporting spirits and strong will, LG said it wished to contribute to the development of baseball and softball by improving the infrastructure system because it understood that modern infrastructure would be a practical background and a launching pad for athletes to promote their full potential.

Under the MoU, LG will support fund to rent a playground for coal Park Hyo Chul to train baseball players and lovers in Hà Nội in order to develop the baseball movement in the capital and in the country.

This signing event also carries a big significance in the context that 2022 is the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Việt Nam and South Korea.

Trần Đức Phấn,  deputy head of the Vietnam Sports Administration and chairman of the VBSF said “ Korea is a leading country in baseball. The LG Twins particularly which was established in 1990 is one of the strongest teams in the country’s tournament. With the companion of LG, I believe that the young and new baseball movement in Việt Nam will achieve remarkable progress.”

Nam Sung Woo, general director LG Việt Nam’s Business and Marketing, said “ Over the last 27 years working in the country, LG has continuously contributed its efforts to bring more good life for Vietnamese. Particularly, in companionship with VBSF to promote baseball in Việt Nam and opening a new playground for youngsters, we hope with exalted activities, baseball will become popular and strongly grow, helping promote the competition level of the national team to approach regional and world standards.” VNS

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