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Thảo wins at Hồ Tràm Rumble, Zhu defends WBO Global belt


Trần Văn Thảo of Việt Nam (right) wins over Kenbun Torres of Mexico at the WBO Global Title Match's feather 54kg class on November 18 in Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu Province. Photo of Cocky Buffalo

VŨNG TÀU Vietnamese Trần Văn Thảo beat Kenbun Torres in a thrilling match of the WBO Global Title Match — Hồ Tràm Rumble event on November 18 at the Grand Hồ Tràm resort in Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu Province.

International Boxing Association champion Thảo faced tough challenges from his Mexican rival, who had an impressive record of nine knockouts in his 12 wins in 16 matches, from the first minutes of the men's featherweight 54kg class. 

Torres's strong straight jabs pushed Thảo to defence before he fought back with his powerful right hooks and body shots.

Thảo continued to score in the next rounds. He was good in not only attacks but also defence, giving Torres no chance for closer access to deliver his punches.

In the fifth round, Torres opened consecutive attacks trying to assert his domination, but his loose defence left him suffering a series of cross-counters.

The remaining three rounds saw sparring in which Torres showed off his physical strength while Thảo was master of uppercuts.

After eight rounds, Thảo was announced the winner of the match, his 16th win after 17 times in the ring.

The Vietnamese boxer officially secured a place in the WBO Global feather belt match, scheduled for January 13, 2024 in South Korea.

In the main card of the Hồ Tràm Rumble event, Chinese Zhu Dianxing successfully defended his title of the WBO Global minimum weight (47.5kg) after he floored Thai Sanchai Yotboon in the third round.

Zhu Dianxing defends his title of the WBO Global minimum weight (47.5kg) after he knocked out Thai Sanchai Yotboon in the third round. — Photo of Cocky Buffalo

Zhu showed his superior class approaching and creating tremendous pressure with many heavy hooks on his opponent.

Yotboon could not withstand such strong punches, collapsing twice in the second round. A powerful hook in the second minute of the third round ended Yotboon's effort in this challenge.

It was Zhu's 11th win and 10th KO in 12 matches.

Three other matches of the night also had KO results.

Botswana's 'The Eagle' Maobi Ngaka floored Vietnamese Thái Hoàng Huy near the end of the fourth round of the feather class.

Russian Mikhail Lesnikov (right) technically floors Indian Lokesh Dangi in the super lightweight (68kg) class. — Photo of Cocky Buffalo

Russian Mikhail Lesnikov technically knocked out Indian Lokesh Dangi in the super lightweight (68kg) class after a combo of heavy punches in the middle of the eighth round.

Genesis Servania of the Philippines quickly took his Indonesian opponent Waldo Sabu down in the second round of the light weight (61kg) class. His right hook left Sabu unconscious on the floor.

South Korean Seo Joo-hwan tied Chinese Liu Mingwei as they had equal scores from the judges after a four-round match. VNS

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