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Beautiful daisies welcome winter

It’s the season for small, white daisy flowers in Hà Nội.

Every year, at the end of autumn or early winter, Hanoians are excited to visit gardens of daisy flowers to enjoy their beauty and take photos.

A woman takes photos at a daisy field in Long Biên District. VNS Photos Trương Vị

The white fragile flowers are also signals of the coming winter.

The flowers are in full bloom for just few weeks, so from the beginning of the flower season, people flock to gardens to take photos.

Fields of daisy are now magnets to the youth.

Daisy flowers from Nhật Tân Flower Village, Hồng River Stone Field and Tây Tựu Flower Village are brought to the streets to be sold.

A woman in Nhật Tân Ward prepares to bring daisy flowers to sell at nearby market.

Daisy lovers from HCM City, Đà Nẵng and elsewhere in the country travel to Hà Nội to enjoy the flower season.

At weekend, the fields are very crowded.

The flowers are also transported on planes to central and southern areas.

Frolicking in fields covered with white daisies is an excellent way to while away a morning or afternoon.

Early winter flowers.

The weather this year is said to be quite favourable for the flowers.

First planted in the fifth lunar month, after half a year of being cared for by farmers, the small flowers come into full bloom between the lunar 10th and 11th months.

Small flowers are carried all over the streets on bicycles and many women try to buy at least a bunch to decorate their home.

It seems everyone is afraid the flower season will end very soon and the streets are more romantic with bicycles full of flowers wandering around.

While Hanoians love daisies, they seem to love their city more and appreciate the simple and familiar joy that comes every year. VNS

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