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Bình Thuận ends National Tourism Year 2023 on a positive note

Mũi Né, with its "Blue Sea - White Sand - Yellow Sun", is one of the most popular destinations of Bình Thuận. VNA/VNS Photo

BÌNH THUẬN - The National Tourism Year 2023, taking place in Bình Thuận Province with the theme “Bình Thuận - Convergence in Green,” ended up successfully.

The closing ceremony of National Tourism Year 2023 took place in Phan Thiết City on the evening of December 27. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in coordination with the People's Committee of Bình Thuận Province, organised the event.

Throughout the past nine months, National Tourism Year 2023, under the theme “Bình Thuận - Convergence in Green,” featured more than 200 events and activities across 41 provinces and cities nationwide, of which, Bình Thuận took the lead in organising over 30 events.

During the closing ceremony, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoàng Đạo Cương emphasised that the events and activities of National Tourism Year 2023 have had a positive impact, attracting widespread attention from the public and mobilising community strength to rapidly promote the Vietnamese tourism recovery, particularly in Bình Thuận.

In 2023, Việt Nam welcomed over 12.5 million international tourists and 108 million domestic tourists, generating total tourism revenue of over VNĐ670 trillion (US$27.6 billion).

Việt Nam received 54 tourism awards at the World Tourism Awards 2023 for the Asia-Pacific region, further affirming the brand, role, and position of Vietnamese tourism on the world tourism map.

In particular, thanks to effectively seizing the opportunities provided by the National Tourism Year, tourism in Bình Thuận has undergone a strong transformation, recording unprecedented growth in both the number of visitors and tourism revenue.

The province welcomed nearly 8.5 million visitors, generating total tourism revenue exceeding VNĐ23 trillion, almost double compared to 2022, placing it among the top nine destinations with the highest tourism revenue in the country.

According to Đoàn Anh Dũng, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, National Tourism Year 2023 provided a great opportunity for Bình Thuận to convey to domestic and international tourists the message of a friendly, peaceful, hospitable land with a rich history and culture.

Mũi Né, with its "Blue Sea - White Sand - Yellow Sun", is one of the most popular destinations of Bình Thuận, he added.

Bình Thuận will continue to stress the importance of green and sustainable development via thorough preservation of historical sites, traditional craft villages and unique cultural festivals.

Simultaneously, the province will diversify and enhance the quality of services, laying the groundwork for Bình Thuận tourism to soar high and far, while always being a beautiful, safe, and attractive destination for tourists.

The closing ceremony of National Tourism Year 2023 took place on the beautiful coastline of Phan Thiết City, featuring a colorful and luminous space with a lighting system programmed to the rhythm of music, laser light effects and water music performances.

A spectacular art programme, consisting of three chapters, namely "Bình Thuận - Convergence in Green," "Moment of Transition - Welcome National Tourism Year 2024" and "Aspiration Shining in the East Sea", was prepared as well.

Many famous singers, along with 600 artists and actors, participated in various performances showcasing the beautiful culture and people of Bình Thuận.

During the closing ceremony, Bình Thuận province handed over the symbolic flag to Điện Biên province, the host locality for National Tourism Year 2024, with the theme “Điện Biên - Unique Experience."

As part of the closing ceremony of National Tourism Year 2023 in Bình Thuận, some notable activities included the finals of the Television Singing Contest - "Sea Star"; the Countdown Art Programme welcoming the new year 2024; an exhibition of beautiful photos of tourism in Bình Thuận - "Bình Thuận - Green Destination”; together with an exhibition of beautiful photos of tourism in Việt Nam and Bình Thuận under the theme "Việt Nam through the lens of international photographers." VNS

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