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Cao Bằng hosts the 5th Bản Giốc waterfall tourism festival

CAO BẰNG – Is there any better sight than a waterfall in full flow? 

Tourists from around the world visit Việt Nam just to witness the amazing waterfalls in Cao Bằng. It really is a sight to behold. 

And tomorrow, to celebrate this natural beauty, the Bản Giốc Waterfalls Tourism Festival 2023 begins. 

With the theme “Coming back to the country land”, the event introduces and promotes the scenery, culture, and people of Cao Bằng, as well as Bản Giốc waterfall to domestic and international visitors through a range of activities. 

The best time to go to Cao Bằng is September to December, when Bản Giốc waterfall is full of clear, blue water. VNA/VNS Photo Chu Hiệu

The opening ceremony will take place at 7.30pm on October 6 at Bản Giốc Tourist Area, Trùng Khánh District. 

The festival will start with a water procession ceremony to pray for peace in the country and good weather for agriculture.

A photography exhibition titled “The Beauty of Country Land” showcases Cao Bằng scenery and Non Nước Cao Bằng Geopark. 

The festival also features an exhibition to display and introduce products, specialities and cuisines of the locality as well as sports activities, folk games and chestnut-picking.

Bản Giốc Waterfall is located in Trùng Khánh District on the border with China’s Guangxi Province. Measuring 300 metres across and 30 metres high, it is the widest in Việt Nam. 

The falls are on the beautiful green water of the Quây Sơn River in a pastoral landscape of rice fields and bamboo groves surrounded by limestone mountains. 

The waterfalls are located within the Non Nước Cao Bằng Geopark, which was recognised as a global geopark by the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council in 2018. It is considered a home to various species and gives insight into more than 500 million years of Earth’s history. 

Bản Giốc and Trùng Khánh District also mesmerise visitors with the cultural heritage of ethnic people living there, including Tày, Nùng, Thái, and Mông people. 

The five-day festival aims to promote tourism, contributing to the district’s socio-economic development. — VNS

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