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Conquering majestic Luốc Đắc Plateau

Luốc Đắc Plateau in Cao Bằng Province is still untouched with vast grasslands and majestic mountains. — Photo

By Thanh Nga

Now is a great time to explore Luốc Đắc Plateau in Cao Bằng Province, with its vast untouched grasslands and majestic mountains.

The plateau is located in two districts of Quảng Hoà and Hạ Lang, 70km east of Cao Bằng City. It is also the name of the highest hill in the grass plateau located in the territory of three communes: Bế Văn Đàn (Quảng Hòa District), and Cô Ngân and Vinh Quý (Hạ Lang District).

Luốc Đắc Plateau has not yet developed mass tourism, so it retains a wild beauty. This new trekking road is suitable for travellers in good health and passionate about discovering the grandeur of nature.

To conquer the plateau, we took about two hours to travel from Cao Bằng City to Bản Co Market in Bắc Vọng Village, Bế Văn Đàn Commune, Quảng Hoà District. Here, we asked for directions to Luốc Đắc and received trustworthy guidance from the locals.

For this journey, we had to prepare suitable clothes such as specialised shoes, lightweight clothes, accessories for sun protection, insect repellent, drinking water and food.

We first passed about 2km of trails along streams, up into the forest, across hills and through a few valleys. On this route, there are some beautiful places where we both stopped to rest and admire the vast and majestic mountains and hills.

In autumn, the grass turns bright yellow. — Photo

With an average elevation of over 600m above sea level, this grassland area on the plateau is suitable for grazing cows and horses. In the past, people used to work in the fields in the foothills, but now they are only for grazing cattle. Many beautiful wildflowers show off their colours along the way. The forests bring a fresh and pure atmosphere with birds chirping as a welcome to visitors.

We needed about 30 minutes more to climb to the top of the hill. This area has a rather steep slope, so conquering the top of Luốc Đắc took a lot of time and effort. However, it was an unforgettable experience. It was a beautiful picture in harmony between the clouds and the natural scenery.

“Passing through a pristine forest, seeing the green grass hill in front of us, all fatigue disappears. Once we came to Luốc Đắc, we all wanted to conquer its top to see the majestic nature and the panorama of the valley and the village below. This is the most beautiful and widest grass plateau in Cao Bằng,” said visitor Nguyễn Mai Hoa.

We burst with joy when we reached the top. From a distance, the aromatic flavour of ripe forest fruits such as guava, myrtle and wild grape wafted through the air, a sweet invitation of nature for visitors.

Luốc Đắc Plateau has not yet developed mass tourism, so it retains its wild beauty. — Photo

We sat on a big rock on the top of Luốc Đắc, watching the sky and clouds, the fields, the villages of the ethnic Tày and Nùng people in the valley of Bắc Vọng, Cô Ngân and Vinh Quý, listening to the sounds of the mountains and hills. We felt indescribable emotions and the peace and gentleness coming from the plain and awe-inspiring natural space.

Đàm Khoa, who lives in Cao Bằng City, said this grass plateau was part of his childhood and that of the people of many neighbouring communes.

“I have led many groups of tourists to conquer this plateau. Because the hills are very steep and deep, visitors must carefully prepare their belongings and drinking water before starting the trip. Currently, the grassy hill area is still quite wild. Visitors need to take care, especially not to throw plastic waste to protect the landscape,” Khoa said.

Cao Bằng’s nature fascinates. In addition to famous scenic spots such as Bản Giốc Waterfalls, Pác Bó historical heritage site, Ngườm Ngao Cave, Ngườm Bốc Cave, and Mã Phục Pass, Luốc Đắc Plateau is a place that tourists should visit to enjoy being in harmony with nature, and feel the sacred soul of mountains and rivers where heaven and earth live in harmony. This plateau is also suitable for trekking, hiking and camping. A journey here, is one that you will never forget. VNS

Horses are grazing leisurely on the hill. — Photo

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