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Five cliffs attracting young people for adventures

A tourist enjoys the beautiful view from Pha Luông Mountain. — Photo

Thanh Nga

Hanging cliffs or rock tops result from geological activities and the impact of nature. These places allow visitors to test their endurance, toughness and steely spirit see the colourful natural world during the journey, and see beautiful landscapes from above. 

Nowadays, more and more young tourists come to check in and experience the irresistible attraction of the following five cliffs in the country.

Cliff on top of Pha Luông

The cliff on top of Pha Luông in Tân Xuân Commune, Chiềng Xuân District, Sơn La Province, is a check-in point that attracts many tourists. It is about 70km from the centre of Mộc Châu Plateau.

This cliff brings majestic scenery and has a wide view with numerous tectonic fissures, making it so spectacular and unique. Standing on it, you can admire the poetic scenery of Sơn La among the white clouds.  

The cliff is not so precarious and dangerous as in the photos. However, it would be best to be careful while climbing to Pha Luông because the terrain is steep and takes three hours to reach the top.

The cliff is low from the ground but is located in a high position and crowded with people taking pictures, so it can be dangerous if you are not paying attention.

Mã Pì Lèng Pass in Hà Giang Province attracts many young people. — Photo

Cliff on Mã Pì Lèng Pass

If Pha Luông is a mountain, Mã Pì Lèng is a beautiful pass in the north of the country. From this pass, you can look down the beautiful Nho Quế River with clear blue water.

Mã Pì Lèng road is about 20km long. Along the pass, there are many beautiful rocky tops. The most beautiful cliff is the one in the middle of the pass. You will see the majestic and immense panorama of Hà Giang, especially the feeling of watching the tiny Nho Quế River winding below. However, this is an extremely dangerous cliff, and the local authority has now use a steel net to fence it.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Hà Giang and want to conquer this cliff, you should consider it very carefully as the cliff is stacked with stone slabs.

If you want to take pictures of the beautiful pass and the Nho Quế River from above, you can choose from other cliffs or stand along the railing of the pass to ensure safety.

On top of Lảo Thần Mountain. — Photo

Cliff on top of Lảo Thẩn

When travelling to Lào Cai Province, most tourists explore Sa Pa Town and neighbouring villages. However, in this northwest mountain region, there is also an attractive destination with a rock top on the mountain, which captivates many travellers. That is the cliff on top of Lảo Thẩn Mountain, considered the roof of Y Tý Commune.

Lảo Thẩn Mountain has an altitude of more than 2,800m, located in Phìn Hồ Village, Bát Xát District. Lảo Thẩn is almost a place where backpackers often come, and ordinary tourists rarely come here because the road is quite hard and takes a lot of time.

But since the images of this cliff appeared on social networks, more and more young people have come to discover it.

Local people said that this cliff is also known as a rock wave because of the structure of the rocks and cliffs lying on the edge of the abyss. The photos taken at this cliff are ravishingly beautiful, with a vague feeling in the air.

Standing on the top of Lảo Thẩn or standing on the cliff, you will see the whole lyrical scene of Y Tý. Those are the mountains lying still in the middle of the clouds and the green rice paddy valleys.

Although it takes about four hours to reach the top, tourists who have trekked here all share that going up this cliff is a great journey because you will go through winding roads full of colourful flowers, which are as beautiful as a masterpiece.

The cliff on the Tà Xùa mountain range in Công Village, Trạm Tấu District, Yên Bái Province. — Photo

Turtle-head cliff in Tà Xùa

This cliff is located in the Tà Xùa mountain range in Công Village, Trạm Tấu District, Yên Bái Province.

Compared to the cliffs in Sơn La and Hà Giang, this cliff is also very beautiful. It is called "turtle's head" because a large stone shaped like a turtle's head protrudes from the ground.

To conquer this cliff, you have to spend about four hours to reach the peak of Tà Xùa, crossing steep slopes and dangerous roads like the back of a dinosaur. However, when you set foot on the top of the mountain at an altitude of more than 2,000m, you will see that the past hardship is worth it.

Around the cliff are white clouds, blue sky and dense forests. Although it is considered a not-too-dangerous cliff, when standing here taking pictures, you will also feel the cragginess when surrounded by immense space.

The turtle-head cliff surface is relatively flat and easy to walk on. However, to be safe, you should not stand or sit near the rim of the cliff. 

The rock-top at Đá Chồng Mountain in Quảng Ninh Province attracts young tourists. — Photo

Cliff on Đá Chồng Mountain

The rock top at Đá Chồng Mountain in Bằng Cả Commune, Hoành Bồ District, Quảng Ninh Province, is surprising to young tourists.

It has a unique shape in Việt Nam, with dozens of natural stones stacked on each other.

It is at an altitude of hundreds of metres, jutting out from the forest's edge. There are contact points between two stone slabs only about 1.2m wide, creating a uniqueness. Above, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yên Lập Lake, surrounded by large pine forests and dotted with islets in the middle of the lake.

For young people who love to explore and conquer, the cliffs on the mountains with imposing and magnificent beauty always bring attraction and excitement. Do not hesitate to conquer them if you have enough health and climbing experience. And certainly, you do not forget to prepare carefully for your journey, especially always ensuring your absolute safety. VNS

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