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Golden mustard flowers welcome spring in Hà Giang rocky plateau

Lô Lô ethnic women in Mèo Vạc Disitrct are pictured in a mustard flower field. VNA/VNS Photo Nam Thái

With diverse climates and high altitudes, the northern province of Hà Giang boasts many beautiful flower seasons all year round.

The mountainous province shows off its beauty during the season of light violet buckwheat flowers from October-November.

These days, Hà Giang is carpeted by endless fields of mustard blossoms which bring a warm atmosphere to clear away the cold air and grey sky in the region while welcoming a prosperous spring.

In such fairytale scenery, visitors might encounter ethnic people and children in colourful, traditional costumes carrying baskets of mustard flowers on their backs, creating a vivid picture of the mountainous region that lures many tourists.

According to the Hà Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the province welcomed around 86,000 tourists, earning a turnover of some VNĐ200 billion (US$8.5 million) in the first nine days of the first lunar month of this year. VNS

Children carrying baskets full of yellow yellow mustard flowers on Thẩm Mã Pass. VNA/VNS Photo Nam Thái
The brilliant colour of the flowers brightens the mountainous region. VNA/VNS Photo Nam Thái
The blooming season of mustard flowers lasts two months and attracts many tourists to the region to take pictures VNA/VNS Photo Nam Thái
Mustard flowers are blooming along the winding passes in the rocky plateau. VNA/VNS Photo Nam Thái

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