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Idyllic Sơn La plum blossoms lure tourists in spring

SƠN LA — Every spring, tourists flock to the northern mountainous region of Sơn La to bask in the beauty of the region's plum blossoms. During this time, the mountainsides are blanketed in a pure white hue, offering breathtaking landscapes for visitors to enjoy.

The picturesque scene can be appreciated along National Highway No. 6 and within the ethnic villages, where small paths and roads are dotted with vibrant blooms.

AWAY FROM IT ALL: Visiting the northern mountainous of Sơn La in spring, tourists can enjoy the pleasant scene of plum blossoms. VNA/VNS Photos Quang Quyết

From a distance, the plum trees appear like beautiful clouds, while the beauty of single blossoms can be enjoyed from a close distance.

Depending on the weather, the plum blossoms are in full bloom during January and February every year. It’s also when the region welcomes a large number of tourists coming to enjoy the spectacular landscape.

IN THE SWING OF THINGS: Mông ethnic children play in a plum garden in Tà Phềnh Hamlet, Tân Lập Commune, Mộc Châu District.

During this time, many plum growers open their gardens for visitors for a small fee of VNĐ20,000-30,000. For those who wish to camp out overnight, a tent costs between VNĐ200,000-350,000 (US$8.50-12.50).

Many gardens provide makeup and photoshoot services and ethnic costume rentals for tourists.

STRIKE A POSE: Tourists pose for a photo shoot in a plum garden in Mộc Châu District.

With 3,200ha of plum trees, Mộc Châu is among the districts with the largest plantation area in Sơn La Province.

The best places to enjoy plum blossoms are in valleys Nà Ka and Mu Náu, in Pa Phách Hamlet, and the sub-zones of 84, 86, Cờ Đỏ, and the Áng Village’s pine forest.

BEST TIME OF YEAR: Depending on the weather, the plum blossoms are in full bloom during January and February every year.

To develop the agriculture associated with tourism, the district encourages local businesses and households to take advantage of the available potential to create interesting tourism products such as plum picking and posing for pictures with plum blossoms.

Resident Giàng A Sáng, who has cultivated a plum garden in Nà Ka Valley in Mộc Châu Town, said that his garden opens for visitors for the first time this year.

His 500-tree garden welcomes more than 100 visitors daily, earning from VNĐ3 million to 6 million per day.

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Tourists walk in the plum garden of local man Giàng A Sáng in Nà Ka Valley in Mộc Châu District.

Quàng Thị Anh said that her family’s 10-hectare plum garden in Hôm Village in Chiềng Cọ Commune, just 4km from Sơn La City, and located by the National Highway 6, is “very convenient for tourists to visit”.

In recent years, her garden welcomed a significant number of tourists. In peak season, the garden receives about 150 visitors every day. — VNS

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