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'Infinite sea' dazzles local tourists

Quang Lang is considered the 'infinity beach'. — Photo

By Thanh Nga

Dubbed as the 'infinite sea', Quang Lang Beach in the northern province of Thái Bình has recently become a new magnet for many local tourists.

On the beach, where the views stretch off into the distance, seemingly going on forever, allowing spectacular photos of the seascape formed when the tides recede and the water surface mirrors the sky.

Quang Lang, about 120km from central Hà Nội, is located in Thái Thụy District, by the mouth of the Diêm Hộ River, a small tributary of the Red River.

The brown sandy beach is flat and spreads like a giant mirror reflecting the seascape and sky, creating a beautiful clear effect.

“I live in Quỳnh Phụ District about 20km from Quang Lang. I heard that the beach was very beautiful in the early morning, so my friends and I recently visited it. We travelled by motorbikes, started very early and arrived around 4am,” Lê Minh Tuấn tells Việt Nam News.

Upon arriving at the locality Tuấn's group followed some fishermen walking through a mangrove forest to the sandy beach.

Quang Lang Beach has recently become a new destination attracting many domestic tourists. — VNS Photo Lê Minh Tuấn

The first steps from the edge of the forest are quite slippery and muddy before reaching the beach. Visitors must walk about 1-2km more to reach the best location to see the Quang Lang sea in all its spectacular scenery.

"The water surface is like a mirror, the air is fresh, and the strong winds are a great experience for all visitors," Tuấn says.

The best time for photo shoots lasts about 30 minutes when the sun has just risen, and pink light envelopes the entire coast. When the sun is too high, the glare makes it difficult to take good photographs, so you need to arrive early in the morning.

Under the shimmering golden sunlight, the image of fishermen appears idyllic and close. It has a rustic beauty. — Photo

Aside from young people, many couples choose the area as a unique and romantic setting for wedding photography.

Hanoian Trương Đình Minh says he was surfing the net when he saw people posting footage of the strangely beautiful Quang Lang sea, so decided to go to Thái Bình at night to witness the poetic scenery at dawn.

Minh's group of five young people departed from Hà Nội by car at 10:30pm and when they arrived, they took a rest in the car for one or two hours. At around 3am, the group started walking to the beach.

"The path is quite slippery, and you need to prepare a pair of boots to go, and even a walking stick and a torch to light the way," Minh says.

When visiting Quang Lang beach, visitors should pay attention to check the weather first to avoid high tides, he says.

A man uses a traditional fishing tool to catch shrimp and small fish in the Quang Lang sea. — Photo

Lê Thanh Hà, a local architect, says he has been to Quang Lang Beach at many different times of the year. He has noticed that the colour of dawn in each season has its own charms.

In summer, the sunshine is golden, and the wind from the sea blows in to form tiny waves that follow each other.

In the autumn, dawn at this sea brings the beauty of pinks and purples blurring, creating a strange feeling of warmth.

In winter, the beach has its own beauty, but the weather is too cold and not convenient for sightseeing and taking pictures for anyone but the most battle-hardened of tourists.

He says it is best to visit on a day with few clouds and a light wind.

A woman catching snails. — Photo

This pristine beach doesn’t have tourism services yet, but visitors can learn and participate in coastal fishing activities with the locals.

Under the shimmering golden sunlight, the image of fishermen is idyllic, with a rustic coastal beauty that needs to be seen to be believed.

From early in the morning, locals go to the beach to catch snails. They use a simple tool like a small iron hook to catch them. They also use a traditional fishing gear made of two long bamboo rods and a net to catch shrimp and small fish near the shore. 

In deeper water areas, people walk on stilts to pull fishing nets, creating a vivid and unusual picture.

A visitor enjoys the moment on Quang Lang Beach. — Photo

Tourists can visit Quang Lang fishing port or the local wet market to buy fresh seafood. When they feel hungry, they can enjoy delicious dishes in eateries in nearby Diêm Điền Town.

As Quang Lang does not attract so many travellers, it’s an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and take in the sensational views. VNS

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