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Kon Tum opens new community-based tourism village

TOURISM VILLAGE - The Vi Rơ Ngheo village in Kon Plông District is recognised as a community-based tourism village in the Tây Nguyên (Central Highlands) Province of Kon Tum. File photo from

KON TUM — The Tây Nguyên (Central Highlands) Province of Kon Tum has opened a new community-based tourism village in Kon Plông District after a three-year renovation.

Located about 40km from Măng Đen town, the Vi Rơ Ngheo village is home to 63 households with a population of 300 of the Xê Đăng ethnic minority, so the venue still keeps its pristine beauty and ethnic culture.

The village, surrounded by forests, waterfalls, and a system of small streams and lakes, is known for its beautiful and peaceful landscapes and fresh and clean atmosphere.

Vi Rơ Ngheo is also considered a “heaven” of địa lan (cymbidium or boat orchids) where the native orchids can be found everywhere in the forests to the gates and fences of local houses.

As of now, the village has collected and propagated about 1,000 pots of boat orchids and other kinds of orchids, as well as conserved five hills of orchids, myrtle flowers, and melastoma flowers.

Phạm Văn Thắng, deputy chairman of the Kon Plông People’s Committee, said the district targeted to build the Vi Rơ Ngheo community-based tourism village into an attractive destination for tourists in the country and abroad to develop local tourism and improve the lives of local people.

He said local authorities would continue to collaborate with the local community to conserve the pristine beauty of the village, protect natural landscapes and the environment, preserve and promote ethnic cultural values, and restore traditional crafts of brocade weaving, rattan knitting, and wood sculpting.

The district established a tourism cooperative of 53 members in charge of offering accommodation and food services, as well as entertainment and agritourism activities for tourists. – VNS

VILLAGE CENTRE - The village’s communal house is where villagers organise community activities. File photo from
BEAUTIFUL DECORATION - Địa Lan (cymbidium or boat orchids) can be found at every house in the village. VNA/VNS Photo by Cao Nguyên

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