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Lướt Village, a hidden gem with natural hot springs

The average temperature of the hot mineral water ranges from 35 to 50 degrees Celsius, with some areas reaching temperatures as high as 70 degrees Celsius. — Photo courtesy of Hà My

By Thanh Nga

A picturesque destination that has managed to retain its wild and idyllic look, Lướt Village, located in Ngọc Chiến Commune, Mường La District, is set apart by its steaming natural hot mineral springs, which add a unique feature to its already captivating charm.

Situated over 70km from the centre of Sơn La City, Lướt Village sits at an altitude of approximately 1,500 to 1,800m above sea level, surrounded by incredibly fresh and pristine scenery. Like other beautiful villages in the northwest region, Lướt Village is nestled amid rice fields and winding roads. It enjoys cool and pleasant weather throughout the year, particularly during the summer season.

As visitors journey along the mountain road leading to the village, they are greeted by centuries-old stilt houses built with pơ mu (fokienia hodginsii), a type of wood commonly used in Thái people's architecture. Pơ mu wood is renowned for its durability and strength, and is highly resistant to termites and flies.

There are many centuries-old stilt houses built with pơ mu (fokienia hodginsii), a type of wood commonly used in Thái people's architecture, in Lướt Village. — Photo

A visit to Lướt Village offers the opportunity for early risers to witness an enchanting sunrise over the villages. Strolling the cool surroundings and basking in the warm rays of sun at the start of the day is a delightful experience for tourists. Additionally, one should not miss the chance to indulge in a mineral bath while stopping over in this village.

The cost of hot mineral baths in Lướt Village is very affordable, only VNĐ20,000 per person. — Photo

Nature has truly favoured Lướt Village by bestowing upon it the beauty of natural hot mineral springs. The average temperature of the hot mineral water ranges from 35 to 50 degrees Celsius, with some areas reaching temperatures as high as 70 degrees Celsius. These hot springs provide an ideal setting for visitors to soak, relax and effectively relieve stress.

Trịnh Thúy Quỳnh, a 45-year-old resident of Hà Nội, often takes her two daughters to explore and experience beautiful natural places that are not overly crowded. During a recent trip to Sơn La, Quỳnh chose Lướt Village as her destination.

"This place is not crowded and the scenery remains wild and peaceful. After a long journey and hours of tiring climbing, taking a hot mineral bath here is a delight. It brings great comfort and relaxation to the body," Quỳnh told Việt Nam News.

According to Bùi Tiến Sỹ, the Communist Party secretary of Ngọc Chiến Commune, the commune is currently home to 11 hot mineral areas, with most of them located in Lướt Village.

"Lướt Village is developing into a tourist destination, offering hot mineral bathing services combined with relaxation, cultural experiences and traditional cuisine. The hot springs in the village attract tens of thousands of visitors each year, creating additional income for the locals," Sỹ said.

Bathing in hot springs brings numerous health benefits, including the prevention of skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases and rheumatism. The sensation of soaking in the natural hot springs amidst the fresh mountain and forest air, while surrounded by the captivating natural scenery, is truly invigorating. Moreover, the cost of hot mineral baths in the village is very affordable, at only VNĐ20,000 per person, tourists need not worry about financial concerns.

Lò Thị Hà, the owner of Văn Thưởng homestay in Lướt Village, said, "My homestay has been operating since 2017, welcoming approximately 100 guests each month who come to relax and enjoy hot mineral baths. We provide both communal bathing pools and private baths to cater to the needs of tourists."

Locals are free to bath in a Communal bathing pool in Lướt Village. — VNS Photo Đoàn Tùng

The locals attest that regular bathing in these hot springs results in naturally smooth and rosy skin without the need for cosmetics. This is why, despite their arduous work, the women in Lướt Village possess white, rosy and naturally smooth skin that is rarely found elsewhere.

For generations, the people of Lướt Village have utilised the water from these springs for their daily needs. Many still bathe in this water early in the morning to invigorate themselves before heading to the fields for a day's work, and in the afternoon, they return to take a shower to rejuvenate their bodies after hours of hard labour.

After stepping out of the hot spring, Lò Thị Hạn from Ngọc Chiến Commune exclaimed, "Bathing here is a truly enjoyable experience and highly beneficial for one's health. Many times, after walking kilometres to work in the fields, my body feels tired and exhausted. However, after taking a hot mineral bath, all my fatigue naturally disappears, my spirit feels at ease, and my body becomes healthy once again."

Grilled chicken, a delicious local dish in Lướt Village. — Photo

Aside from mineral bathing, a visit to Lướt Village offers the opportunity to learn more about the local way of life. The village is home to various ethnic groups such as Thái, Mông and La Ha, each with their unique cultures. Visitors can also savour the delicious local dishes, including grilled fish, grilled chicken, and wild vegetable salad.

The hot springs in Lướt Village serve as a perfect place for rest and rejuvenation after a long journey from other provinces to Sơn La. Don't miss the chance to explore this captivating destination. VNS

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