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NOX Beach Club – a new definition of lifestyle

Jimmy Lopez, general manager of Hoiana Resort & Golf.  Photo courtesy of Hoiana Resort & Golf

NOX Beach Club – the largest beach club in Central Việt Nam has been inaugurated in the central province of Quảng Nam, nestled on 5,000sq.m of beach front at Hoiana Resort & Golf. Jimmy Lopezgeneral manager of Hoiana Resort & Golf, talks with Thúy Hằng about this must-visit destination.

Inner Sanctum: Does NOX Beach Bar showcase any local elements?

NOX Beach Club is inspired by the spirit of Hội An ancient town, the exquisite UNESCO World Heritage site which is just 15 minutes drive away from the town. Nestled on 5,000sq.m of prime beach front land, with verdant lawns, palm groves and a 4km-long stretch of golden beach, this is also a natural paradise that highlights the beauty of Việt Nam’s central coast. Banh Mi & Noodles, the vibrant Vietnamese restaurant, will showcase authentic street food dishes, and the retail outlet will highlight local arts and crafts.

Hội An is renowned for its delicious, fresh herbs and spices from Trà Quế vegetable village. We have imported a large source of herbs and spices from here. NOX prioritizes using local ingredients such as salt from Bạc Liêu, pepper from Phú Quốc, and Nha Trang lobster.

In addition, at NOX Beach Club, guests can enjoy drinks made from a line of rum called Sampan that is distilled from sugar cane grown in Hội An.

An aerial view of NOX Beach Club.  Photo courtesy of Hoiana Resort & Golf

Inner Sanctum: Many tourist hotspots in Việt Nam have created amusement parks and high-end entertainment venues. Do you have ambitions to create an entertainment paradise in the Central region?

Certainly, we want to create a paradise for discerning local and international visitors on Việt Nam’s central coast. But we hope to do so in a more sensitive and sophisticated way than a large-scale theme park. The beauty of NOX Beach Club is that it is woven seamlessly into the landscape. While it covers a vast area, it is all low-rise and no structure rises above the tops of the palm trees, so it feels blissfully relaxing.

NOX Beach Club is not about big rides or attractions – it is about the lifestyle. Guests can come together, unwind and soak up the beach front ambience. With a regular calendar of upbeat social events and “see and be seen” parties, NOX Beach Club will become the place to be for lifestyle-conscious couples, friends and families alike.

Inner Sanctum: Đà Nẵng and Hội An attract many tourists from South Korea and China. Do you have a strategy to lure travellers outside these two markets?

South Korea has always been the strongest market for Đà Nẵng. We are working very closely with the Quảng Nam Province People’s Committee [provincial government], to make sure that we align with their vision of bringing tourists from many diverse markets.

We have welcomed a lot of South Korean tourists, but the majority of our guests come from Taiwan currently. We are also witnessing very strong pickup in Australia and New Zealand.

The resumption of direct flights is significant to us, as we would like to see more flights resuming from Europe. The US is also a growing market, with nearly 100,000 Americans staying in Hội An last year.

So we are going to continue to make use of popular communication channels to advance tourists’ awareness of us. But for us, quality matters most. If we continue to deliver excellent quality, and great entertainment, word of mouth will do the rest.

Director of Culinary Omar Ugoletti (right). At NOX Beach Club’s authentic ristorante, Osteria, Omar’s handcrafted dishes will transport diners’ senses to the shores of the Mediterranean. — Photo courtesy of Hoiana Resort & Golf

Inner Sanctum: Food and entertainment play a significant role in tourism. Can you tell us about entertainment activities held in the many NOX restaurants?

Food is a key element of the NOX experience, and our talented F&B team – led by Giacomo Maroccia, the director of Food & Beverage – have crafted a series of inspiring and enticing culinary experiences to suit every occasion.

Seafood Shack serves the “catch of the day” with Asian and South American influences. Osteria showcases highly authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Banh Mi & Noodles reimagines Hội An’s classic street food. Grill specialises in prime meats and fresh seafood cooked over a charcoal fire. Courtyard Bar is a hidden gem for intimate relaxation, and Beach Club Bar is an elegant poolside cocktail lounge.

These six F&B venues at NOX Beach Club will each stage special events and regular promotions, often tied into a seasonal theme that showcases a fresh ingredient. Restaurants and bars may also collaborate with other like-minded chefs, suppliers or venues to create one-of-a-kind gastronomic experiences that are worth travelling for. Stay tuned for further updates.

NOX Beach Club is an upscale oasis where beach lovers, fun seekers and foodies come to unwind. — Photo courtesy of Hoiana Resort & Golf

NOX Beach Club will set the scene for exhilarating events, sparkling parties and serene relaxation, day or night. A series of Day Escapes will let couples, friends and families dive into an ambience of pure poolside and beach front bliss.

Then, as the sun sets and the stars shine, NOX Beach Club’s Night Affairs will create a splash with Saturday Pool Parties, Ladies’ Nights, and Daily Happy Hours, all enlivened with live DJs.

A glamorous Girls’ Night Out will be staged every Wednesday, and the sparkling White Pool Party will infuse Saturday evenings with a touch of elegance.

A live acoustic band will provide the soundtrack to Tuesday evenings, Latino Vibes will shake up Thursday nights, and revellers will be wowed by live fire shows from Thursday to Sunday.

And of course, NOX Beach Club can host highly exclusive private gatherings, from social parties to corporate events, all elevated with bespoke activities to make a lasting impression.

NOX Beach Club is inspired by the spirit of Hội An ancient town. — Photo courtesy of Hoiana Resort & Golf

Inner Sanctum: Hoiana has co-founded the Quảng Nam Tourism Training Centre - Hoiana. How does this vocational centre support the local community?

In 2018, Hoiana collaborated with the Quảng Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Quảng Nam College of Arts, Culture and Tourism to establish a training centre, in which, Hoiana invested in renovating the entire infrastructure and installing teaching equipment.

With training courses in specialised fields including Golf Course Maintenance, Golf Operations, Housekeeping Operations, and F& B Operations, delivered by experts from Hoiana and in collaboration with reputable training institutions, the centre has admitted over 250 students, all from Quảng Nam.

Throughout the training process, students received full tuition sponsorship, training allowances, insurance benefits, and language training. With a priority on community development, all graduates from the centre are guaranteed employment opportunities at Hoiana.

Currently, with complete facilities at the resort, Hoiana continues to support the local community and students through career orientation, practical experiences, field trips, internships, and direct training.  VNS

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