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On top of the world

Harvesting has started in the spectacular terraced fields of Hoàng Su Phì in Hà Giang Province. — VNS Photo Nguyễn Đạt

HÀ NỘI — As the central coastal region battens down the hatches and prepares for Noul, the storm set to make landfall on Friday, people far further north are asking how the storm may affect them.

Some are wondering how the storm will impact the northwestern region's ripening fields in the steps up to the mountains.

This weekend the temperature is forecast at between 23 and 34 degrees Celsius, with clouds during the day and showers at night, with the potential for thunder.

Travel agents from the mountains have alerted their customers that Hoàng Su Phì District farmers in Ha Giang Province have started to cut their rice. As the work can only be done manually, it takes time to work from the lowest terrace and go upwards. 

"We planned to catch the sunrise up the Chiêu Lầu Thi Mountain," tourist Nguyễn Hoài Châu told Việt Nam News.

Chau and her companions visited the Su Phì mountains last weekend in Ha Giang.

"But it rained so hard, our first plan fell through," she said.

Sleeping for a couple of hours more, they said they woke up to a much clearer sky with pure white soft clouds flowing.

"We were so lucky to catch the white clouds up here, on top of Chiêu Lầu Thi Mountain."

She said that all the hotels and rooms were booked.

"We were lucky enough to find a few sleeping slots left in a large stilt house. The accommodations were basic, you have a hard mattress made from grass, a blanket and pillow and a mosquito net. The restrooms are for common use," she said.

Challenge yourself in a hike up to Chiêu Lầu Thi Mountain. — VNS Photo Hoài Châu

"Are there any safes in homestays? Do I need to bring my own pillowcase or blanket?" asked some of the travellers in the group.

The answer is no safe and the bedding is basic but clean. If you book a homestay sponsored by Helvetas, a Swiss NGO, you may find your own bedding brand new in the setting of a hundred-year-old stone cottage located on the hillside of a beautiful mountain.

If you are not familiar with budget travelling in Việt Nam, you may be surprised at how cheap it can be and how generous homestay owners and other local people can be. 

Due to COVID-19, the tourism sector in Việt Nam has been suffering badly but thanks to effective handling of the pandemic, small signs of revival can be found.

"Remember all the preventive methods you've been using," warned a caring tourist.

"Travelling injects freshness and motivation to your daily lives and you'll go back to work and your daily life with more energy, until your next trip," she said.

This year the terraced rice fields of Hoàng Su Phì District in Hà Giang Province received quite an upsurge of domestic visitors. — VNS Photo Hoài Châu

An avid world traveller, who has been to many places, including the Rainbow Mountains in Peru, Châu said she finds domestic destinations fascinating. 

"Pick your backpack up and go," she said, adding that there are still so many places she has to see in her home country.

"Travel is a lifestyle, move accordingly within your budget! You don't have to be rich to afford travel, especially in Việt Nam!" — VNS

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