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Take a breather in the countryside of Đồng Nai

Đồng Nai Province might be a good place to visit for ones looking for a weekend camping spot. VNA/VNS Photo

HCM CITY — If you are looking for a weekend camping spot but do not have too much time, the countryside of Đồng Nai Province might be a good place to visit.

Located about 50km from central HCM City, the Bửu Long Tourist Area in Biên Hòa City and Bò Cạp Vàng Ecological Park in Nhơn Trạch District are home to a complex with a massive rock and artificial lakes that can be good for a camping trip.

The area is part of Cát Tiên National Park, which UNESCO recognised as a world biosphere reserve.

Cross Rock or Elephant Rock is one of the most eye-catching landscapes in Bò Cạp Vàng Park. The meadow in the park changes colour every season but remains beautiful. Piles of straw are scattered throughout the field, great for Instagram pictures. Here, you can camp or organise a BBQ.

On the way to Cross Rock is a lotus pond near Bau Ngua Lake, a popular rowing spot. The lotus season begins in May, and so now is a good time for family trips and group picnics. — VNS

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