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Tân Hóa shines bright as top tourism village


BIRD'S EYE-VIEW: Tân Hóa Village, which has been recognised as a 'Best Tourism Village' by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). VNA/VNS Photo

Tân Hóa Village in Minh Hóa District in the central province of Quảng Bình is filled currently with a festive atmosphere as it has been named a "Best Tourism Village" by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

It is the only village in Việt Nam that was selected among 260 tourism villages from 60 participating countries.

Located in the mountainous area, Tân Hóa is endowed with magnificent natural landscapes and unique culture. However, it has also faced many difficulties due to frequent flooding during the rainy season.

The villagers have come up with various measures to adapt to natural disasters, including special floating houses that were built after a disastrous flood in 2010.

Tân Hóa now has about 620 floating houses. Most local households possess at least one. The floating houses have reduced the villagers' concerns during the rainy season, and even become their pride in overcoming adversity and adapting to nature.


TOURIST ATTRACTION: A floating house in Tân Hóa Village. VNA/VNS Photo

Not only providing shelter, such floating houses have also supported locals with stable incomes. From these houses, the villagers have developed a distinctive tourism model by turning them into homestay facilities, which allow tourists to experience life during the flood season.

"Since our family's homestay opened its doors, our life has thoroughly changed. We have a more stable income and therefore the children have the opportunity to attend school and receive proper education," said Trương Xuân Hùng, owner of Hùng Liên homestay.

Some of the activities that tourists can take part in include fishing from floating houses, kayaking through floods, crossing streams, and exploring caves.

Most homestays are surrounded by majestic limestone mountains and vast grassy valleys, from which tourists can enjoy the breathtaking natural landscapes.

The top tourist attraction is Tú Làn Cave, which served as a backdrop for the Hollywood blockbuster Kong: Skull Island, directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

GORILLA IN THE MIST: Tourists join the new off-road quad biketour "Exploring Lim Forest - Home of Kong," launched in Tân Hóa VIllage. VNA/VNS Photo

Nestled in the high mountainous area, Tú Làn Cave offers a serene landscape with vast, lush green cornfields that stretch along the Rào Nan River. Besides this, a total of 20 amazing caves adorn the area. Tú Làn is considered the most remarkable.

To explore the Tú Làn Cave system, tourists must trek through magnificent landscapes, including vast grassy fields, lush green valleys, dense tropical forests, and conquer towering hills. They can even swim across underground rivers in the caves as part of the adventure tour.

According to the Quảng Bình provincial tourism authority, Tân Hóa received over 63,100 visitors from 2013-2023, most of whom opted to explore Tú Làn Cave while the rest explored Tiên Cave.

An owner of a homestay in Tân Hóa Village, Trương Thị Hồng Nương, said local residents have become more aware of the importance of professionalism in tourism since their hometown was recognised by UNWTO.

In addition to professionalising, they have focused on improving infrastructure and culinary experiences to meet the increasing demands of tourists.

Gianmarco D'Alesandro, an Italian tourist said: "We not only got to learn about the culture and people of Tân Hóa, and how they adapt to the weather, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery and many unique dishes with distinct flavours."

According to Hồ An Phong, vice chairman of the People's Committee of Quảng Bình [the provincial government], Tân Hóa is adorned with multiple  scenic spots and hospitable locals, contributing to the peaceful countryside with rustic charm.

“Being honoured as one of the best tourism villages in the world is just the beginning of tourism development in Tân Hóa. This prestigious award provides an opportunity for us to step onto the global stage and gradually become a shining tourist attraction in Việt Nam,” Phong said.

“However, during the process of tourism development, it is crucial for Tân Hóa to preserve the cultural identity of the Vietnamese countryside and avoid disrupting the green living space. Every villager would become an ambassador and guide to introduce the unique identity and culture of the village to tourists." 

Vocational training centres in the locality will be encouraged to offer courses on foreign languages, cooking skills and hospitality, thereby gradually improving the quality of tourist service, he said.

Quảng Bình authorities plan to develop Tân Hóa into an exemplary weather-adaptive tourism model in Việt Nam in the future. VNS


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