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Two-century-old Bình Thủy House in Mekong Delta

The front of the 177-year-old Bình Thủy Communal House in Cấn Thơ City. VNA/VNS Photo

HCM CITY  The 177-year-old Bình Thủy Communal House in Cấn Thơ City has long been renowned for its beauty and architecture.

This house was known as Long Tuyền Communal House in the past. It was completely renovated in 1910.

In front of the communal house is an opera house used for performances of Vietnamese classical drama.

Although it was built at the beginning of the 20th century, its architecture has many traditional characteristics with carved and engraved wooden boards.

The house is located in Bình Thủy District, north of central Cần Thơ

Different from other communal houses built in the northern region, the communal house front and  back buildings are square.

In addition, there are six rows of columns that are placed on each side of the house.

There are four small external shrines for the Agriculture, Tiger, Forest and Irrigation deities. VNS

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