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Việt Nam becoming Asia’s tourism hotspot: US journal


Impressive tourism figures in Việt Nam's three big cities of Hà Nội, Đà Nẵng and HCM City. VNA/VNS Infographic 

HÀ NỘI Travel Off Path, one of North America's largest travel news websites has highlighted Việt Nam as "Asia’s new tourism hotspot" saying the country is quickly becoming one of the most popular vacation destinations in Southeast Asia.  

The US-based travel website has identified three reasons for Việt Nam being the new Asia tourism hotpot including the adjusted visa requirements, a well-preserved natural beauty and a focus on tourism growth.

In an article published on Sunday, Travel Off Path praised the country to be famous for its breathtakingly beautiful scenery, a huge coastline that stretches for an incredible 3,260km, and energetic cities.

"When people think of travelling to Southeast Asia, Thailand is usually the first destination that comes to mind. But if you want to avoid the crowds of tourists in Thailand, then there is an emerging force for tourism in the region that is ripe for exploration — Việt Nam," it said.

According to a Google Destination Insights report, between March and June, Việt Nam was the seventh most searched destination in the world and the only country in Southeast Asia to make the top 20 list.

"Việt Nam is quickly becoming one of the most popular vacation destinations in Southeast Asia," according to Travel Off Path.

The article also looked deeply into analysing the three reasons that make the country more and more well-known among regional and international tourists. 

For the adjusted visa requirements, it said, visiting Việt Nam will be easier than ever for citizens of many countries with the visa application being "straightforward and affordable."

The news site also praised the country for preserving its natural beauty.

"Because Việt Nam is an emerging tourist destination and doesn’t yet have the same huge footfall that many other Southeast Asian countries experience, much of its natural beauty is still incredibly well preserved," it reported.

The picturesque terraced fields in the tourism hub township of Sa Pa in the northern mountain province of Lào Cai. Việt Nam with its well-preserved natural beauty is quickly becoming one of the most popular vacation destinations in Southeast Asia, according to Travel Off Path. VNA/VNS Photo Quốc Khánh

The website pointed out that the country is budget-friendly, although those on a tight budget should still consider their itinerary to ensure it is affordable. 

Compared to the Southeast Asian tourism hub of Thailand, it said, Việt Nam is an affordable destination, although both can cater to travellers on a budget. 

"But Việt Nam is considered to be one of the best budget options in the region. Accommodation, food, and transportation are all cheaper in Việt Nam than they are in Thailand, especially if you travel to rural parts of the country.". 

The article also highlighted the Vietnamese Government in promoting and focusing on encouraging more tourists to visit and growing the tourism figures this year.

Việt Nam originally set a target of attracting eight million visitors in the rest of 2023, but the figure is predicted will grow to 10 million by the end of the year.

"The Vietnamese Government wants to turn the country into Asia’s new tourism hotspot. And so far, so good. Their plan is working, and now is the perfect time to explore this incredible and beautiful country." the site concluded.

Earlier in March, the Travel Off Path listed Việt Nam among the top five international destinations to visit this summer.

Along with Japan, New Zealand, France and Italy, the country is recognised as one of the places with a significant hike in searches and bookings.

The travel news website also assessed it as one of the more affordable Asian destinations in addition to Malaysia and Thailand in the context that airfares in Asia continue to rise.

More popular among US tourists

It found the country is becoming a more popular destination for US holidaymakers, with more than 215,000 Americans visiting the country last year, ranking second behind South Korea in terms of arrival numbers.

Việt Nam fully reopened for tourism in the middle of March 2022, becoming one of the first in the region to ease COVID-19 travel restrictions and welcome foreign visitors, including US travellers, regardless of vaccination status.


Demand for quality tourism has since increased dramatically. The famous online travel agency Kayak even considered the country the top destination in Southeast Asia for 2023.

The US travel website said Việt Nam is a culturally-rich country, and it is a newborn country still finding its footing in a fast-changing world. 

Many adventurous Americans find Hà Nội and HCM City impossible to resist as they are ‘a complex maze of narrow, unplanned streets prospered with trade, vibrant flea markets, old colonial buildings, and ancient temples’.

“If the busy city life doesn't seem appealing and its bucolic, rolling rice terraces etched into green hills, quaint villages, and remote pagodas set against dramatic backdrops you're after, you'll soon realize Việt Nam is brimming with them, from the Sa Pa heartland to the pilgrimage sites of the Ninh Bình Province,” it continued to describe Việt Nam.

If visitors love to explore architecture or old ruins, there are numerous jaw-dropping imperial palaces to entertain them. One of those places introduced by Travel Off Path is Huế, a historical city in the central region, home to the stunning Forbidden Purple City, the seat of the Nguyễn Dynasty, sumptuously-decorated temples, and a monumental moated citadel.

For many, a trip to Việt Nam is not complete without visiting and staying at pristine beaches. According to the website, the country is packed with paradisiacal beaches boasting postcard-perfect turquoise waters and lined with luxurious resorts.

Last but not least, middle-income Americans choose to visit the country because it is incredibly cheap coupled with the lower cost of living, enabling them to access luxuries they wouldn't be able to afford in their country. VNS 

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