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Saturday, 27/04/2024 10:00

Peninsula coloured by purple blossom

ĐÀ NẴNG  Every year, from late April and into May, thàn mát (Millettia nigrescens gagnep) trees on Sơn Trà Peninsula in the central coastal Đà Nẵng City burst into bloom, showcasing a distinct purple colour. This spectacle adds a unique beauty to the surrounding nature, making the headland stand out.

A close-up of a cluster of thàn mát flowers. — VNA/VNS Photos Trần Lê Lâm

During this time, many local residents, domestic tourists and international visitors flock to the area to admire the beauty of this flower.

The peak season of thàn mát flowers lasts only about 3-4 weeks. 

 The purple flowers bloom in elongated clusters that hang down towards the ground.

A group of photographers during a trip to Sơn Trà Peninsula to 'hunt' langurs among thàn mát trees in blossom. 

The thàn mát flowers are most beautiful in the morning when they glisten in the soft light and are adorned with dewdrops on their petals. During this time, the flowers exhibit a stunning pinkish-purple hue.

Thàn mát flower is favourite food of the red-shanked douc – a primate species living on Sơn Trà Peninsula. 

Thàn mát flowers are a favourite food of the red-shanked douc – a primate species living on Sơn Trà Peninsula.

The images of the langurs swinging between branches of trees in purple blossom create captivating natural scenes that can fascinate any visitor.

A local tourist takes photo of thàn mát flowers. 

The peak season of thàn mát flowers lasts only about 3-4 weeks. Tourists and photographers eagerly capture the beautiful images gifted by nature in Sơn Trà Peninsula and across the vivid city of Đà Nẵng.  VNS

Foreign tourists enjoy nature on Sơn Trà Peninsula, adorned with the purple of thàn mát flowers. 

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