Quán Ăn Ngon offers a refined taste of home

Quán Ăn Ngon offers a refined taste of home

Ask any visitors to Viet Nam about a place to sit down and can cater to any dining cravings, they would possible utter the word Ngon without hesitation.

Shrimp hotpot: not too sweet, not too sour

12/20/2016 17:05

With the ongoing trend of hotpots, there has been an explosion in the variety of this communal soup served in eateries across the country, and new star chefs have emerged in this category. The shrimp hotpot created by Cuc comprises broth made by boiling pork bones; different kinds of local vegetables and shrimp, which is boiled before being added to the broth.

Master chef offers class for food bloggers

12/15/2016 18:13

Two-star Michelin chef Alain Dutournier — “principal conductor” of La Table du Chef in Ha Noi--will share his passion for culinary creation as well as his amazing techniques in a cooking class for Ha Noi’s food bloggers tomorrow morning.

Worming its way back to the culinary club

12/14/2016 19:13

For the Dao Do people in the northern province of Ha Giang or the Muong in the central province of Thanh Hoa, sau tre (bamboo worm), once a staple, has become a rare treat.

Fiery start, milder flavours, ‘divine’ milieu

12/14/2016 17:16

In between two floors displaying a wide range of Buddhist artefacts, a vegetarian restaurant serves up an array of surprisingly tasty treats, Hari Chathrattil discovers  

La Casa del Mojito: Cuban charm in the City

12/06/2016 17:15

Order a mojito, take a salsa class and try Ropa Vieja (old clothes) beef at La Casa del Mojito. Viet Nam News samples the fare. 

VN cities experience a vegan surge

12/06/2016 16:48

Vegetarian food, mostly vegan, has become increasingly popular in Viet Nam over the last few years. All major cities, including the capital, have many restaurants that serve vegan food, and their number is increasing everyday.

Squid Ink Linguine with Fresh Squid

12/06/2016 16:14

with executive chef Desmond Carneiro from Pullman Vung Tau

The things snails and seafood do to bún

11/30/2016 14:41

With its long history of rice cultivation, Viet Nam cuisine features an endless variety of vermicelli dishes. Each region of the country has their own culinary features in their vermicelli dish.

Can’t duck a few issues, truth to be told

11/28/2016 10:55

After several years, Hoang Anh revisits a well-known Ha Noi eatery and finds a facelift has not lifted the quality of its fare.

Hội An Shredded Chicken and Local Herb Salad

11/21/2016 11:13

Hoi An Shredded Chicken and Local Herb Salad is a specialty from the northern province of Quang Nam.