A family treat that nutures generations to come

A family treat that nutures generations to come

Mr. Bui Ngoc Thai puts on his plastic gloves and carefully mixes the thin layers of lean pork meat, lard and skin with some salt, MSG and thinh, the golden roast rice grounded into a brownish powder. The pleasant fragrance of thinh started to fill the room.

This is the season for tasty chestnuts

11/14/2017 11:15

Trung Khanh chestnuts are one of the nation’s tastiest and meatiest fruits. They have won a following among locals and foreigners.  

Celebrating a hidden French gem

11/07/2017 14:27

Among the many French restaurants in HCM City, Atelier des Reves is a favourite because of its great food, reasonable prices and exceptional service. Nomad Quynh reports.  

Dining in style at the T-Art

10/30/2017 14:56

A new fusion food spot in the heart of Ha Noi will have to compete with more traditional street food staples. T-Art manages to combine quality food at reasonable prices.

Let’s try some specialties of Yên Bái

10/25/2017 14:03

Yen Bai forest is not only rich in fauna and flora, but also abundant in such delicacies as bamboo shoots and the chrysalis of forest bees.

Hà Giang’s ‘poisonous’ porridge treats you inside out

10/11/2017 16:08

With almost ninety per cent of its population being the ethnic people, Ha Giang’s food is unique and diverse. Among the well known dishes like thang co (simmer horse’s meat and offals), thang den (boiled glutinous rice dumplings), grilled alga, one should not miss chao au tau, a porridge made by rice, pork bone and au tau root.  

Dishing out "buffalo meat hung up in kitchen"

10/04/2017 10:12

The northwestern region of Viet Nam is a magical combination of alpine landscapes, ethnic culture, and bracing mountain air.

Sauces and herbs to die for

09/19/2017 10:03

Vietnamese dipping sauces and a huge array of herbs are the soul of the country’s cuisine. A bowl of dipping sauce is almost inevitably beside every Vietnamese daily meal. This is so different from other national eating habits.

Five Continents Food Festival to showcase global cuisines

09/14/2017 15:04

HCM City’s residents will have the chance to enjoy the cuisine and culture of all five continents at a festival to be held at Hoa Lu Stadium in the District 1 from October 5 to 8.  

Sunny Việt in Singapore: A journey back home

09/11/2017 15:49

For Vietnamese visiting other countries, finding a restaurant making the food of home is a special surprise. Hoang Ho talks about his experience: