Bò né: cheap and tasty, yet a thrilling dining experience

Bò né: cheap and tasty, yet a thrilling dining experience

To some people, having to dodge oil splatters rising up from a hot plate is a nuisance to be avoided, but to lovers of bò né (sizzling or “dodging beef”), it's all part of the dish’s charm.

Equatorial launches slew of promotions

11/19/2020 10:34

Equatorial Hotel in HCM City has launched a series of stunning food programmes to attract more diners during the upcoming festive season.

Dao Đỏ ethnic group’s bánh chưng gù become popular in Hà Nội

11/16/2020 20:04

Different from bánh chưng (square glutinous rice cake) of the ethnic majority Kinh, the Dao Đỏ (red Dao) ethnic group in Hà Giang has their own cake known as bánh chưng gù (which translates as hunchback).

Peking duck pancakes

11/15/2020 08:39

With chef Li Suen Wai from Ngân Đình Restaurant

Looking out from the Top of Hanoi

11/15/2020 07:13

Perched on the 65th-floor rooftop of the Lotte Hotel, Top of Hanoi offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Hà Nội skyline and serves modern brasserie-style cuisine.

Đà Vị dry vermicelli – the flavour of the mountains

11/14/2020 07:41

The craft of making dry vermicelli in the area originated in the region a long time ago but it was small scale, mainly to serve local needs.

KOTO to open new restaurant in Tây Hồ

11/13/2020 17:01

KOTO Villa will open its doors this Sunday in Tây Hồ District, offering a range of both local and international cuisine with a heavy focus on brunch.

Bánh rán mặn – a great autumn snack to enjoy in Hà Nội

11/10/2020 09:02

The cooler weather is moving in as autumn turns to winter, and people are craving a hot snack in the early evening like bánh rán mặn (salty glutinous rice doughnuts).

Nom, nom, Vietnam - Episode 66: Rice cooked in bamboo tubes

11/09/2020 12:26

Rice cooked in bamboo tubes is a speciality of the Muong ethnic group.