Marinated Wagyu Striploin Beef Coated With Chestnuts

12/03/2023 07:00

with Executive Chef Trương Vĩnh Cơ from Pan Pacific Hanoi

Yên Thế’s free-range chicken puts Bắc Giang on national culinary map

11/28/2023 08:30

Nguyễn Thành Trung from the northern province of Quảng Ninh said he has travelled to nearly all of Việt Nam’s provinces and cities. As a foodie, he always tries to find a specialty dish at each location. Recently, he visited Bắc Giang and Yên Thế chicken completely won his interest. For him the free-range chicken is most tasty when boiled, done to a turn.

Abalone siew mai

11/26/2023 07:30

With international Master Chef Ken, from the award-winning Cantonese restaurant of Man Ho, JW Marriott Hotel Sanya Dadonghai Bay

Snail delicacies make Hà Nội unforgettable

11/21/2023 07:50

There are many ways to prepare chả ốc, like steamed with lemongrass, wrapped in betel leaves, fried, or steamed in bamboo tubes.

Traditional meals hit different at Cơm Niêu Sài Gòn

11/19/2023 10:31

Cơm Niêu Sài Gòn (Sài Gòn Clay Pot Rice) offers frugal yet high quality Vietnamese cuisine

Angus Beef Striploin Salad

11/19/2023 07:00

with sous chef Kim Sang from Mai House Saigon Hotel

Hà Giang’s thắng dền cake lures foodies’ interests

11/14/2023 09:28

As a foodie, Chiam said “I’ve heard that apart from the natural beauty of the landscape, there are still many specialties such as cháo ấu tẩu (rice porridge with pork leg, stir-fried minced pork and ấu tẩu root); thắng cố (horse meat & bones) and particularly thắng dền (floating rice cakes).”

Koh Yam: your friendly local Thai eatery

11/12/2023 09:51

Koh Yam's menu features more than 100 Thai dishes with plenty of tasty finger foods, prepared by a chef with more than 10-year experience cooking Thai food. 

'Thanh trà' grapefruit salad with squid and shrimp

11/12/2023 07:44

With Chef Trần Công Phước from Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion