Rocking the boat of Vietnamese cuisine

Rocking the boat of Vietnamese cuisine

The T-Art is celebrating its second birthday with a special event and a multitude of new upscale dishes added to the menu. The theme of the celebration is ‘Làng Chài’, or ‘Fishing Village’.

A taste of Germany right in the heart of HCM City

08/04/2019 08:47

If you're a lover of traditional German food and beer, you don’t need to wait to attend HCM City's version of Germany's famed annual Oktoberfest, the world’s largest food and beer festival.

Crab claw and herb salad with pan-seared beef

08/04/2019 08:45

with chef Lê Đức Hải from Ngon Garden Restaurant in Hà Nội

El Patio serves fine dining in luxurious space

07/28/2019 08:07

Fine dining in candle light offers more than just cuisine, it’s about emotions.Minh Thu sits down at the table.

Creamy Mentaiko Pasta

07/28/2019 07:40

Experience the luscious Creamy Mentaiko Pasta, a recipe by Head Chef Kenji Tam of Emperor Restaurant, Fortuna Hanoi.

Café Central Villa Pasteur launches new menus for group bookings

07/25/2019 17:51

Café Central Villa Pasteur is bringing the best of both worlds with its new menu of old and new world food with Italian and Vietnamese cuisine and special set menus for group bookings.

Classy RICO Seafood & Grill offers fine-dining experience

07/21/2019 08:18

The sister restaurant of one of Hà Nội's best steakhouses is a treat in its own rightthanks to fresh seafood and a classy ambiance

Prawns with tamarind sauce

07/21/2019 07:20

with Sous-chef Phạm Ngọc Thảo from Meliã Hồ Tràm Beach Resort

Food trucks jazz up HCM City street scene

07/20/2019 09:23

HCM City’s food and beverage market has become more vibrant with the introduction of food trucks on city streets.

Vegetarian restaurant offers food for tranquil minds

07/14/2019 08:43

Vị Lai Restaurant welcomes us with the sounds of a gurgling brook, singing birds and harmonious zen music. It offers not just a healthy vegetarian meal, but also a relaxing and comfortable space.