Valentine dream at Vietnam House

Valentine dream at Vietnam House

Vietnam House Restaurant, helmed by internationally-celebrated Chef Luke Nguyen, will offer a special Valentine’s Day dinner including a complimentary “Endless Love” welcome cocktail on February 14.  

A feast of colourful pasta at MyDeli

01/27/2019 09:00

Offering an array of handmade pasta dishes, all crafted with colourful ingredients, MyDeli in Ha Noi is a perfect spot for aficionados of Mediterranean cuisine. Make sure to come back and try them all. Minh Thu reports.

Smoked meat dishes warm the winter cold

01/22/2019 09:00

People in Viet Nam’s mountainous regions cook some of the finest food the country has to offer, with their different takes on smoked pork and buffalo particularly delightful.

T-Art charts a new path for Vietnamese cuisine

01/20/2019 09:00

With traditional flavours and a modern flair, The T-Art is impressing diners and changing the way we eat

Xôi trám, a specialty of Cao Bằng

01/08/2019 09:00

Cao Bang is not only well known for its natural beauty at sites such as Ban Gioc Waterfall, Pac Bo Caves and Thang Hen Lake, but also its tram den, a wild fruit that the Tay and Nung ethnic groups pick in the forest to cook into many tasty dishes like tram kho (braised with pork rinds) and xoi tram, a favourite dish of guests and travellers.

Crab hoptpot at Ngon Garden an aromatic delight

12/25/2018 09:00

Viet Nam has a rich variety of hotpots from seafood and chicken to beef, but among them lau cua bau (sea crab with squash hotpot) is a favourite of Hanoians when winter comes.

Praline Chocolate Log Cake

12/24/2018 14:13

with Executive Sous Chef Nguyen Thi Hong Ly from Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

The story of Hà Tĩnh’s cu đơ candy

12/18/2018 09:11

Each locality in Viet Nam has its own specialty. Hai Duong has its green been cake and Cao Bang has its banh khao (sweet short cake made of roast glutinous rice flour). In Ha Tinh the specialty is cu do, a candy made of roasted peanuts and molasses and covered with rice pancakes.

Unforgettable original Lao cuisine at Melao

12/17/2018 10:20

Melao Restaurant imports produce from Laos to ensure diners enjoy the original flavours of some of the country’s most popular dishes. Hoang Linh reports

Mediterranean Salmon Salad

12/17/2018 10:19

A new recipe to warm yourself up in this winter. A piece-of-cake to make ingredient!