Autumn brings time for thanks

Autumn brings time for thanks

We are living in difficult times indeed, but it is also a time to be thankful for the things we have

Famed Phúc Trạch grapefruit sales suffer amid pandemic

09/07/2021 08:29

Phúc Trạch grapefruit is said to be “the first famed fruit” of Hà Tĩnh’s Hương Khê mountainous district as it was used as a gift for Nguyễn Dynasty Kings from 1802 onwards, according to Phan Thị Ngọt, 90, a local of Phúc Trạch Village.

Four-Season Grilled Seafood with Passion Fruit & Mắc Khén Sauce

08/29/2021 10:00

With chef Đặng Tuấn Đạt from Silk Path Hotels & Resorts

Artichoke stew a popular dish in cool Đà Lạt

08/24/2021 09:27

Artichoke stew with pork trotter has become one of the most popular dishes in Đà Lạt, resident Tô Minh Huệ said, noting that it is also a top choice for anyone visiting the city.

Vareniki: Slavic boiled potato & cheese dumplings

08/22/2021 10:16

with Chef Nguyễn Thị Bích Hòa from The Eastern & Oriental Tea House & Coffee Parlour in Hà Nội

It's kindness that will get us through

08/22/2021 08:02

Generous people are in abundance, and they have even been getting in touch with local authorities to ensure those in need get help.

Silky 'Pig skin cake' wins international recognition

08/17/2021 08:10

Bánh da lợn (in English means exactly Pig Skin Cake), has recently been highlighted among in the list of 100 Most Popular Cakes in the World by the world popular cuisine website TasteAtlas.

Vegetable vermicelli and mushrooms

08/15/2021 08:22

with Chef Lê Kiên