Sài Gòn snails winging their way to Hà Nội

Sài Gòn snails winging their way to Hà Nội

A restaurant in Ha Noi serves perfectly cooked dishes made with the snails airlifted from HCM City everday

Two Nam Dinh dishes that make you feel good

08/01/2017 10:27

  As in other countries with rich culinary traditions, many Vietnamese dishes showcase so much variety that although they carry a common name, they come in completely different flavours, textures and tastes.

Experience traditional Vietnamese dining at Lý Club

07/31/2017 10:56

The Ly Club, housed in a period building near Hoan Kiem Lake, offers diners quality food and traditional service in an exquisitely designed ambiance. Ha Nguyen tries out some dishes.

Insects a delicacy for Vietnamese foodies

07/25/2017 10:07

To many foreigners, Vietnamese are considered adventurous eaters – not afraid to devour the whole animal, blood and guts included. Insects are also on the menu. I laughed when a foreign friend recently asked me whether it was true that when a Vietnamese man encounters a new animal, he first asks “Is it dangerous?” and secondly “Is it edible?”

Asian flavour at modern Parisian bistro

07/14/2017 11:39

A cosy corner on a peaceful Parisian street, An Di An Di invites diners to try out a small selection of creative Vietnamese-French fusion dishes. Thuy Hang explores.

Just desserts served in an ancient village

07/11/2017 11:10

To make three kilos of che lam, you need as many kilos of glutinous rice which is roasted until it pops (like popcorn) and ground a couple of times to get a fine flour. Two kilos of normal rice is also roasted and ground to get a soft powder. 200g of peanuts are roasted in a pan until golden brown, shelled and placed in a bowl.

Savouring an unbroken tradition in HCM City

07/07/2017 17:14

HCM City’s best broken rice dishes can be found at Com Tam Moc restaurant, which specialises in southern fare, both traditional and fusion.  My Duyen reports. 

Fish sauce: much more than just a condiment

07/04/2017 07:33

In Viet Nam, fish sauce is used widely – as a seasoning, a dipping sauce, in humble daily meals and at fancy parties. Nuoc mam  is said to help distinguish Vietnamese food from that of its neighbours. Fish sauce comprises two elements – fish and salt, the two gifts of the sea. To make it, alternating layers of fish and salt are placed in a wooden vat for six months to a year to ferment. The amber-colored liquid of the fermentation process seeps down and is drained.

Ringing the bell of awareness for vegan food

07/03/2017 08:48

A long-standing skeptic, Hong Van visits the Aummee restaurant in Ha Noi and admits her bias in favour of non-vegan food could’ve been a trifle misplaced.

Romantic France, lurking in Hà Nội

06/23/2017 09:52

Quaintly French depictions form the backdrop to delicious Vietnamese dishes served at a restaurant near the West Lake, Luong Thu Huong reports

Stories add spice to two Hà Nội specialties

06/20/2017 15:53

 Pho cuon and pho chua help to make Ha Noi unforgetable