Stepping into a student’s world for salty chicken feet

Stepping into a student’s world for salty chicken feet

The restaurant An Vien at the end of the Tran Dai Nghia street, near its intersection with the Dong Tam street, is quite famous among the student populace for its exceptional recipe of salty stir-fried chicken feet and wings.

Hong Kong-style dining in the heart of Sài Gòn

04/10/2017 09:59

You’ll be spoiled for choice at Ngan Dinh Saigon. Dim sum, Cantonese BBQ and coconut marshmallow rabbits are only a few of the restaurant’s delicacies that will have you quickly making a return booking. My Duyen samples the fare.   

Utterly, bitterly delicious dishes by the Ê Đê

04/04/2017 16:12

As an indispensable ingredient in every meal, the taste of ca dang or bitter eggplant has become an important part in the food culture of E De ethnic people in the central highlands of Viet Nam.

Satisfying southern cravings in Hà Nội

04/03/2017 10:58

A newly opened restaurant in the capital city is an optimal place to enjoy signature specialties of the south, Hong Van finds

Rice and chicken: fun, fired up and flavourful

03/28/2017 10:51

Rice is not only the staple of Vietnamese diets, but also the major ingredient in many signature dishes. Besides the better known ubiquitous stir fried rice, the chicken rice of Hoi An town and the rice cooked with coconut typical of the south, com lam is a feature of traditional festivals of several ethnic groups. 

Tasty Korean grill on a quiet Hà Nội street

03/27/2017 14:08

Ha Noi’s Ly Nam De street is not known for having a bustling array of restaurant. In fact, the street is so quiet in the shades of ancient trees it has become a home to some of the country’s older residents. Hence my surprise at finding a new Korean grill named Daebak.

One place to try CNN’s top six must-try VN dishes

03/21/2017 10:21

The CNN television channel has released a list of six must-try dishes in the country: pho (noodle soup), bun bo Nam Bo (southern vermicelli with beef), xoi (sticky rice), goi cuon (vegetables, shrimp and pork meat wrapped up in rice paper), banh xeo (rice pancake folded in half and filled with shrimp, meat and green bean sprouts) and bun cha (vermicelli and grilled chopped meat

Making a meal of veal in an open space

03/20/2017 14:50

Having grilled veal and a veal hotpot in an open space overlooking the Red River hits all the spots, Moc Mien enthuses

The floating rice dumplings of Cold Food Day

03/07/2017 09:40

Banh troi is in the size of a grape and made of rice, with a palm sugar cube inside; banh chay is the size of an egg, with mung beans inside, and is served with thick sweet sauce. While banh chung (square sticky rice cake) is a must for the Vietnamese Lunar New Year,  troi and chay dumplings are eaten in almost every Vietnamese family on Cold Food Day, which falls on the third day of the third lunar month (March 30th this year). 

Just the place to satisfy sushi, sashimi cravings

03/06/2017 10:22

Even someone who baulks at eating uncooked fish is tempted into tasting and enjoying it at the Sai Gon Sakura Restaurant in Ha Noi. Ha Nguyen explains why.  

A season for unusual culinary discoveries

02/28/2017 15:07

Spring time festivities that take place all over the country can be great occasions to enjoy the nation's cultural and culinary diversity. In Cao Bang Province, some dishes made by the Tay and Nung Ethnic minorities incorporate wild leaves and fruits not easily found elsewhere.