Hà Giang’s ‘poisonous’ porridge treats you inside out

Hà Giang’s ‘poisonous’ porridge treats you inside out

With almost ninety per cent of its population being the ethnic people, Ha Giang’s food is unique and diverse. Among the well known dishes like thang co (simmer horse’s meat and offals), thang den (boiled glutinous rice dumplings), grilled alga, one should not miss chao au tau, a porridge made by rice, pork bone and au tau root.  

Five Continents Food Festival to showcase global cuisines

09/14/2017 15:04

HCM City’s residents will have the chance to enjoy the cuisine and culture of all five continents at a festival to be held at Hoa Lu Stadium in the District 1 from October 5 to 8.  

Sunny Việt in Singapore: A journey back home

09/11/2017 15:49

For Vietnamese visiting other countries, finding a restaurant making the food of home is a special surprise. Hoang Ho talks about his experience:  

Metropole Hanoi welcomes Italian guest Chef de Cuisine

09/06/2017 14:41

Innovative Italian chef Fabrizio Aceti, who has more than 25 years of experience working with renowned five-star resorts, luxury hotel groups and restaurants from around the world, has been serving as a guest chef at Angelina, the Italian restaurant and lounge in the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi.

The taste of Hà Nội’s autumn

09/05/2017 14:15

Ha Noi’s autumn is season for com or young sticky rice flakes. Com can be eaten directly or enjoyed with bananas like a snack. It can also be mixed with other food ingredients to create a variety of tasty dishes, including cha com (Vietnamese com sausage) and com xao (browned green sticky rice).

Hồ Chí Minh City falls for pho-flavoured gelato

08/31/2017 17:01

When it comes to ice-creams and gelatos, Ralf’s is perhaps one of the best HCM City has to offer. A must visit for anyone with a sweet tooth. Nomad Quynh reports.

Traditional braised fish finds new horizons

08/29/2017 13:40

He said that a long time ago, an ancestor named Tran Ba Nghiem, who had gone away from home for many years to earn a living, returned to the village and began braising fish in a clay pot, making a very fatty, tasty dish. Now, most Vietnamese inside and outside the country know about the dish, but what makes it stand out is the collaboration it takes between the cooks and potters from different regions.

Enjoying a taste of home in Hà Nội

08/25/2017 10:38

BB Homefood is well known among Hanoians. The chain of restaurants offers comfortable and delicious dining at a reasonable price. Moc Mien visits a location near the capital's Old Quarter.  

Sài Gòn snails winging their way to Hà Nội

08/15/2017 14:45

A restaurant in Ha Noi serves perfectly cooked dishes made with the snails airlifted from HCM City everday

Mussel noodle soup for the soul in Mai Xá village

08/08/2017 09:08

Mai Xa is a small village, about 20km from Dong Ha city of Quang Tri province, with a landscape typical of a rural village with a tranquil temple and peaceful river habour.  The village, well-known for wartime-heroism, is also home to bun chat chat, also known as bun hen (noodle soup with tiny mussels), recognised as one of the top 100 original dishes of Viet Nam by the Viet Nam Record Association.

Same same but different

08/07/2017 11:06

A welcome addition to Ha Noi’s international culinary scene is a restaurant serving Lao food, which has distinct flavours despite its similarity to Thai cuisine. Ha Hang explains.