Traditional rice cakes put Bắc Ninh on foodies' map

06/14/2022 07:13

Bắc Ninh Province is not only famous far and wide for being the birthplace of a duo of love songs (locally known as hát quan họ) but also bánh tẻ (steamed rice cakes) in Chờ Village.

Chicken Curry

06/12/2022 08:59

With Chef Maneesh Rawat from the Spices of India in Hà Nội.

Ninh Bình's delightful local eatery

06/12/2022 08:10

Family Restaurant, about one hundred metres from the local pier, is lauded by travellers for its welcoming staff and reasonable prices.

HCM City hotel launches Regional Cuisines of Việt Nam

06/11/2022 18:45

The five-star Rex Hotel in HCM City launched the Regional Cuisines of Việt Nam programme on June 11.

Bánh canh hẹ: Phú Yên's unforgettable dish

06/07/2022 08:54

The central coastal province of Phú Yên is not only famous for its beautiful beaches that lure travellers from far and wide but also for its bánh canh hẹ, a chive noodle soup.

Japanese Curry Udon

06/05/2022 09:39

With home cook Trần Thị Hồng Nhung from

Quy Nhơn's beautiful beachside bistro

06/05/2022 08:54

With its open-air bar, wood-fired pizza oven, affordable menu and stunning sea views, Big Tree Bistro doesn't put a foot wrong

Dishes from lotus to sooth body & mind

05/30/2022 16:56

Đồng Tháp Mười is the land bestowed with lotus plant. Locals have used up lotus for decorating, medicine and cuisine. Various dishes have been made from lotus, which are not only delicious but also good for health.

Vegetarian fresh mushroom 'nem' in roast rice flour

05/29/2022 09:05

With Food stylist Hoàng Long