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An autumn delicacy


Homemaker and family chef Đặng Thu Phương, facebook named Phương Ruby Cherry, posts these recipes in online community group Yêu Bếp with more than 2.2 million members, and it received thousands of likes and comments.

Ông Táo recommends you try this recipe to treat your family this coming weekend.

Serves: 4

Time: 1 hour

Clam worm nugget


- Clam worms: 300g

- Minced pork:150g

-  2 chicken eggs

- Mandarin fruit peel from a quarter of a large fruit

- Spring onions, dill, ginger leaves, shallots

- Seasoning, ground pepper, chilli powder


- Finely chop the spring onions, dill and ginger leaves, and julienne the mandarin fruit peel.

- Wash the clam worms in running water, then pour boiling water over to clean the worms, then mix in a bowl with the julienned mandarin peel using a pair of chopsticks or a fork.

- Add spring onion, dill, ginger leaves, minced meat, chicken eggs, seasoning, pepper and chilli to the bowl and mix well.

- In a hot pan, pour in some cooking oil then ladle each spoon of the mix in. Fry both sides into round nuggets. Continue until the bowl finished.

- Serve hot with fresh coriander leaves. 

 Clam worm spring rolls

If you already know how to make spring rolls, making a clam worm version is almost the same. You just add beaten clam worms with the julienned mandarin peels to make the rolls smell and taste good.



-  clam worms: 200g

- Minced pork: 200g 

- 1 chicken egg

- 1 small carrot

- Half an onion, some shallots

- 1 mandarin for the peel

- 8 piper lolot, and some ginger leaves

- Dried fragrant mushrooms 30g, and 30g of wood ear, finely chopped

- 50g of glass noodle, soaked until soft

- A pile of dried rice paper 


- Chop the carrots and onions in to small cubes 0.3-0.5cm. 

- Julienne the piper lolot and ginger leaves to mix with the clam worms.

- Soak the wood ear and dried mushrooms in lukewarm water, rinse well and finely chop into small pieces.

- Cut the glass noodle into 2cm threads.

- Chop the spring onions, bean sprouts and mandarin peel.

- Mix all ingredients well, adding a teaspoon of seasoning and ground pepper.

- Use the rice paper, place a tablespoon of the mixed ingredients in the middle of the paper, close two ends and roll away from you. Make sure the edge stays under the rolls. Do not wrap too tight as they can break during frying.

- In a deep pan, add cooking oil, bring it to boil, then lower the heat to medium. Add the rolls and fry until golden. 

Serve hot with fresh vermicelli, fresh aromatic herbs and lettuce. Dip into a fish-sauce sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Bon appetit!

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