Exhibition on ancient Korean script, Hangeul, opens in Hà Nội

Exhibition on ancient Korean script, Hangeul, opens in Hà Nội

Created by King Sejong (1397-1450) in 1443, Hangeul has been the vital cornerstone of the Korean Culture for over 500 years. Its evolution over the centuries also reflects that of Korean people's life and soul. 

Enjoy Đà Nẵng 2024 festival kicks off

07/19/2024 09:43

The Diên Khánh ancient citadel in the south-central province of Khánh Hoà is set for a facelift, with restoration and upgrade work scheduled to begin in September 2024

Japanese dolls, Ukiyo-e Arts to promote annual Hội An-Japan cultural exchange

07/17/2024 18:06

Exhibitions of Japanese dolls and Ukiyo-e Arts ( woodblock prints and paintings from the 17th century) will prelude the opening ceremony of the annual 20th Hội An-Japan special cultural exchange in the ancient town from July 26-August 4.

Lotus festival honours cultural values ​​of capital city

07/17/2024 13:43

Through the festival, distinctive values ​​of the traditional job of making lotus-scented tea and the unique characteristics of lotus culture in Vietnamese life have been introduced to visitors and tourists.

Fireworks fun: Đà Nẵng shines bright with international festival

07/13/2024 07:29

This coastal tourist hub is recognised as the sole city in Việt Nam to successfully host the International Fireworks Festival, creating a significant tourism draw and generating millions in revenue from services related to fireworks performances.

Đà Nẵng Fireworks Festival 'deep part' of my life

07/12/2024 13:09

Nadia Shakira Wong, director of Global 2000 Group, the Đà Nẵng International Fireworks Festival’s consultancy, shares with Việt Nam News reporter Công Thành her emotions about DIFF and what it means to her.

Culture Festival 2024 to open in Bình Định

07/09/2024 16:50

The five-day Tinh Hoa (Essence) Bình Định Festival 2024 will open in Quy Nhơn City of Bình Định Province on Thursday. 

International youth arts festival to kick off in August

07/06/2024 11:21

The first-ever festival aims to honour international arts, introduce the arts of Việt Nam, and boost the cultural exchange between Vietnamese and international youths.

International experts share experience in film co-production at DANAFF

07/06/2024 07:15

An important step forward in enhancing Việt Nam's place in the international cinema map, the event discussed ways to support and develop the national film industry.

National museum to host outdoor opera concert

07/06/2024 06:33

Opera singer Đỗ Vũ Lan Nhung will perform Summer Melodies in the outdoor space at Việt Nam Fine Arts Museum, featuring music pieces and opera extracts by Mozart, Schubert, Bizet and others.