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Đồng Nai Biosphere Reserve must not be spoilt

Đồng Nai Biosphere Reserve must not be spoilt

Local residents and environmentalists have been spreading the news that UNESCO Việt Nam has opposed an official letter from the Đồng Nai People's Committee consulting on a contractor's proposal to build a 40km highway with a bridge across the core zone of the Đồng Nai Biosphere Reserve.

Saving Việt Nam's wild bird population

06/19/2022 08:35

 A few weeks ago, Deputy Prime Minister Lê Văn Thành signed a directive to order immediate measures to protect wild and migrating birds in Việt Nam.

People in Khánh Hoà Province try to maintain 200-year-old traditional occupation

06/13/2022 10:05

People in a commune of southern coastal province of Khánh Hoà has made efforts to keep and develop a very unique traditional craft occupation for hundreds of years.

Gong classes preserve Central Highlands' gong culture

06/13/2022 08:57

A secondary school in Tây Nguyên (Central Highlands) has opened classes teaching students to play the gong to preserve and promote one of the most recognised traditional cultural features of the Central Highlands.

Happiness takes root with wonder crop

06/12/2022 08:35

For the past few years, ramie (a flowering plant of the nettle family) has gradually replaced local crops such as corn and cassava in Vân Hồ District, in the northern province of Sơn La, and the multipurpose plant has brought better incomes to residents.

All parties considered in anti-domestic violence amendment

06/12/2022 07:41

Last week, a National Assembly deputy made comments in a proposal for an amendment to the Anti-Domestic Violence Law, a suggestion that rocked the public.

Văn Yên finds fortune in cinnamon

06/11/2022 07:23

In recent years, cinnamon has become an important crop with a high value in Văn Yên. It has evolved into a valuable raw resource for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and craft sectors. 

Discovering the peaceful beauty of Lìm Mông Village

06/10/2022 08:15

Nestled at the foot of the Khau Phạ Pass, one of the four greatest mountain passes in the country, Lìm Mông Village appears with a peaceful beauty that makes our hearts flutter.

Why do so many foreigners decide to make Việt Nam their home?

06/09/2022 08:52

Despite the average Vietnamese salary being around VNĐ5,200,000 (US$220), in jobs like teaching where most expats are employed, wages start at around VNDD30,000,000 ($1,300) a month. 

Overseas Vietnamese seeks to keep sense of sovereignty, patriotism alive in language classes

06/08/2022 10:05

A trip to Trường Sa ( Spratly) Islands inspired Lê Xuân Lâm, an overseas Vietnamese citizen living in Poland, to educate young people not only about the Vietnamese language but also in patriotism and national sovereignty.