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Community projects help spread knowledge

Community projects help spread knowledge

From a personal bookcase with dozens of titles, D Free Book has offered some 1,000 books of all genres including literature, economics, science, computer and foreign languages.

5.6 per cent of Vietnamese children face risk of trafficking

08/14/2019 08:37

About 5.6 per cent of Vietnamese children are at risk of trafficking.

One ‘eel of a journey

08/13/2019 09:43

The eels arrive at a small restaurant on Hoàng Ngọc Phách Street early evening, hundreds of them, still as fresh and alive as they were that morning swimming in the paddy fields.

Collector works tirelessly to make art

08/11/2019 08:49

A castle made from discarded tyres? One might find it hard to believe, but that’s what 58-year-old Nguyễn Văn Phúng from Phước Đồng Commune in the central province of Khánh Hòa is trying to finish by the end of this year.

What’s wrong with the internet's criticism culture?

08/11/2019 08:17

“Not everyone is an artist, but everyone is a critic.”

Trà Đông beats the drum for bronze

08/11/2019 07:39

Trà Đông Village in Thanh Hóa Province’s Thiệu Hóa District has a long history of traditional bronze casting.

Young designers to present collections inspired by society

08/07/2019 16:55

Young designers will present their collections inspired by life, modern society, memory and imagination at a fashion exhibition and showcase to be held on August 8-10 at Melia Hotel Hanoi.

The ugly side of filler treatments

08/07/2019 08:35

In the quest to obtain the perfect look, many end up in hospital with necrosis and pus-filled wounds.

A small action can enact big change

08/07/2019 07:53

The Principal of Marie Curie primary school in Hà Nội, Nguyễn Xuân Khang, received a letter on July 25 from a 5th-grade student named Nguyễn Nguyệt Linh with a question: "Can our school give up releasing balloons into the sky on its opening day, or limit the number of balloons?"

Creative centre promotes development

08/07/2019 07:34

Hanoi Creative City is the largest creative complex in Hà Nội. Launched in September 2015, it brings together organisations, businesses, individuals, products and services as well as creative activities.