Life in Vietnam

Out of line: students queuing up for free food

Out of line: students queuing up for free food

An incident recorded at an eatery for low-income people in District 1 of HCM City last week has raised discussion on the attitudes towards becoming independent of Vietnamese university students.

Festival brings science films to young audiences

10/11/2017 16:09

The annual Science Film Festival is bringing 19 science films mostly targeting young people in Viet Nam’s big cities, with screenings beginning this month and running until December 7.

Not time yet to celebrate or mock gender parity

10/11/2017 16:05

We might need to increase our population’s growth rate, but the long-standing gender discrimination and disparity, in all its insidious forms, needs to be tackled firmly.

Obesity, it’s more than just about looks

10/04/2017 10:25

Obesity is a disease and needs to be treated as such. It has become endemic in Western countries with more than 20% of the population affected. Although the rate in Viet Nam is low, with only 1% considered obese, the trend has been growing.

Mid-Autumn fest dazzles in Hà Nội

10/02/2017 13:57

The Mid-Autumn Festival is shining in many colours at the Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam, the Temple of Literature, in Ha Noi.

Love on the Fields goes viral

09/28/2017 11:29

A 22-years-old youth of mixed Khmer-Kinh heritage has made his parents proud by creating wedding photos for them to celebrate a life together in the fields.

Glowing lanterns signal start of Mid-Autumn Festival

09/28/2017 11:28

Thousands of colourful lanterns are lighting up the streets of HCM City’s District 5 during the night, attracting thousands of visitors for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Roses festival to welcome visitors in October

09/28/2017 11:24

A festival honouring roses—their beauty, the art of growing them and the products they can yield—will be held at the Thang Long Rose Park from October 14-22.

Train stations: the beating heart of a city

09/25/2017 11:14

Grand train stations, often built in the elegant Beaux Arts architectural style, are a common feature of city centres in most capitals of the world.  It may seem surprising that these vestiges of the first industrial revolution are still in operation.  In fact, many are bustling with activity!  And there are good economic reasons for this.

Veggie festival coming to Ha Noi

09/25/2017 11:07

A large-scale festival to promote vegetarian culture, express gratitude to parents and mark Mother’s Day will be held in Ha Noi on September 30.

Egg hatching efforts help rebuild turtle population

09/25/2017 11:05

In a victory for turtle conservation efforts, about 421 baby turtles were released to the sea on Cham Island yesterday.