Life in Vietnam

Be smart, watch out for trigbger fingers

Be smart, watch out for trigbger fingers

Trigger-finger and trigger-thumb, the painful condition common in middle-aged women and people with diabetes, may occur in young people who overuse smartphones.

Village midwives give vital service

12/11/2017 13:36

A midwife-training programme has achieved noticeable success with a marked reduction in the number of mothers giving birth at home as well as childbirth complications and deaths.

Cookbooks a recipe for cultural understanding

11/27/2017 10:12

Andrea Nguyen has authored many English books featuring Vietnamese cuisine that are more than cook books, offering glimpses into national history, culture and traditional customs.  She speaks to Minh Thu about the motivation and inspiration for her culinary stories.

Thanh Thủy Village, a centre for art

11/24/2017 16:02

Thanh Thuy Village in the central province of Quang Ngai is proud of its unspoiled nature,which is eflected in a recent art project. 

Tenor Tâm celebrates his 40-year career

11/24/2017 16:00

Ta Minh Tam, one of Viet Nam’s leading tenors, will host a concert at the HCM City Conservatory of Music tomorrow (Nov 25) to celebrate his 40-year singing career.

Contemporary art needs home of its own

11/14/2017 11:20

A museum or open gallery for contemporary art needs to be set up in Viet Nam. Art needs room to grow and breathe. It is the heart and soul of a nation. The art of previous centuries is housed in pagodas, temples, dinhs and private homes, but modern art needs it own space.

HCM City suffers shortage of nursing homes

11/01/2017 15:32

An ageing population is posing mounting challenges to providing care for elderly people in Viet Nam. However, in a country where most families look after old parents in their own homes, the idea of a ‘nursing home’ or geriatric centre remains an alien concept.

Social worker helps fellow gay men recover from HIV

11/01/2017 15:27

Anh Quoc Kiet has dedicated his life to helping fellow gay men seek treatment for HIV/AIDS—and overcome discrimination to gain confidence in their lives after what many still see as a shameful diagnosis.

Tân wins title at Trạng Cờ Đất Việt

10/31/2017 11:20

 Ton That Nhat Tan of Da Nang won the third Trang Co Dat Viet, a year-end Chinese chess tournament for eight best athletes in Ninh Binh Province.

Hill people keep nation fragrant

10/30/2017 14:58

Phia Thap is a small community of  50 homes in the northern border province of Cao Bang. Besides agriculture, the tiny hamlet is well-known for incense, an ancient trade passed down for hundreds of years.. Everyone in the community, from grandmothers to children take pride in the trade.