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Festival to highlight Thái ethnic culture

Festival to highlight Thái ethnic culture

Features of Thái ethnic minority culture will be presented through various activities held in the northern province of Điện Biên on October 18 to 20.

Hanoians remember victory day

10/10/2019 21:27

Hundreds of locals in Hà Nội yesterday morning joined a ceremony in downtown Hà Nội reflecting historical atmosphere on October 10, 1965, when Vietnamese People’s Army march to the capital to take the power from the French.

Performing art spreads its message beyond the stage

10/10/2019 15:01

Over 140 directors and students from performing arts academies in 16 countries gathered in Hà Nội for the Asia-Pacific Bond (APB) of Theatre Schools Festival earlier this month.

Exhibition shares orphans’ dreams

10/09/2019 08:09

Themed ‘Longing for a Family’, the exhibition is carried out by the Vietnamese Women’s Museum and Vietnamese Women’s Union (VWU).

Centuries-old village turns to smart tourism

10/08/2019 08:31

As part of a new initiative, smart tourism will be applied at the centuries-old Bát Tràng Commune. Now, old kilns, ancient houses and pottery workshops will be ready to receive a new wave of tourists.

Being pregnant after age 35: challenges and risks

10/07/2019 09:15

The decision to have a child is probably the most important in our life! More and more frequently, a woman plans to have her first baby after 35 years old (yo) because of economic or professional reasons, even sometimes simply for fear of changes in her body. Why would it be more complicated at this age?

The era of surveillance technology

10/06/2019 08:48

The way we view and use surveillance technology reflect on the society we are living in. In an environment where people feel insecure or lack mutual trust, they will cling to surveillance as a means to feel protected. On the contrary, in a place where people have peace of mind, they would not depend too much on these devices.

Hà Nội looks to become a creative city

10/06/2019 08:22

In order to develop creativity and international connectivity, Hà Nội has completed and submitted its application to become a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in 2019.

Parents have hard time finding reference books for children

10/06/2019 08:13

Due to their variety of options, parents have not been able to find quality reference books for their children for school use.