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England and Finland to display in final of Đà Nẵng fireworks fest

England and Finland to display in final of Đà Nẵng fireworks fest

England and Finland have won berths for the final at the Đà Nẵng International Fireworks Festival following a decision reached by the event's judges yesterday.

Artefacts reveal national history through names, capitals

06/22/2019 09:51

The exhibition kicked off on June 20 in Hà Nội providing historical documents and antiques showing national sovereignty as well as the establishment and development of the country through different reigns.

Lotus scented tea

06/21/2019 22:18

June is season of lotus, which is popular with its innocent beauty and fragrance though rises from mud.Lotus scented tea has been favourite drink and gift, not only because its special flavour but also as both making process and way to enjoy bear profound cultural and artful philosophy.

Museum’s exhibition features photos on Vietnamese seas

06/20/2019 16:32

Several hundreds people have visited a photo exhibition featuring Vietnamese seas and fishermen, which opened in the HCM City Fine Arts Museum last weekend.

Archaeologists unearth site from 9,000 years ago

06/18/2019 16:26

Archaeologists from the Việt Nam Archaeology Institute and Bắc Kạn Provincial Museum have unearthed ancient artefacts on karst mountains in Ba Bể District, the northern province of Băc Kan.

A short course will never be enough to master life skills

06/16/2019 08:57

When the phoenix flowers bloom it is a sign of summer vacation, and parents start to search for the perfect courses and programmes to help their children grow and succeed.

Young students design made-in-Đà Nẵng trash collector

06/16/2019 08:50

A group of final-year students at Đà Nẵng Technology and Science College successfully manufactured an amphibious trash collector – the first of its kind in Việt Nam – to help clean rubbish from the sea and the beach.

Lychee farmers chase fruity fortunes

06/16/2019 07:57

Việt Nam is currently the second largest exporter of lychee in the world. Around 19 per cent of the fruit consumed globally is grown right here.

Archaeologist helps legacy of Vietnamese boats float on

06/16/2019 07:32

On our visit to Phạm Huy Thông Antiques Museum in Quảng Yên Commune, the northern province of Quảng Ninh, the antique boats left the biggest impression on me. The museum is the brainchild of archaeologist Nguyễn Việt, director of the Southeast Asia Prehistoric Research Centre. Việt named the museum after Professor Phạm Huy Thông (1916-1988), who inspired much of his archaeological research.

Prevention of illegal wildlife trade remains a tall order

06/15/2019 09:30

The illegal hunting and trade of wild animals has become a complex global business with tens of thousands of animals confiscated by authorities in Việt Nam alone.