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Make it easy for kids to talk about love and sex

Make it easy for kids to talk about love and sex

Talking to your child about safe sex is easier said than done, but you should certainly practise free exchange of information on sex.

Xẩm singing makes a come back in Hải Phòng

04/16/2018 09:45

Xam (blind busker’s singing) is on the way to revitalisation in the port city of Hai Phong since more and more local people and tourists are coming to admire the traditional musical art.

This is Hanoi

04/15/2018 10:00

From bark to art: Painter uses cajuput as canvas

04/15/2018 09:00

The cajuput tree—tram in Vietnamese—is known for its spongy bark, white flowers and its oil that is prized for its usefulness in aromatherapy. Now a local man creatively uses it as a medium for producing art.

Nun offers home to homeless children

04/15/2018 09:00

Sixty-year-old nun Phạm Thị Kim Sáng has raised eight orphans and poor children in the past 15 years despite her own difficult life.

Sportsmanship wins the Masters

04/15/2018 09:00

Teed off with Robert Bicknell

Quảng Trị man applies Israeli knowledge to mushroom farming

04/14/2018 10:25

Tran Van Phuc, a young man from central Quang Tri Province, has learned how to grow oyster mushrooms at his university thanks to an agricultural course created through an Israel-Viet Nam partnership.

Women take a break from family for travel: Why not?

04/12/2018 21:56

Economic development has made Vietnamese women much more independent than in the past. Now they are winning for themselves a more balanced role in society at large as well as within the family. More women are choosing to put themselves first and take a break without their families

Vietnamese coffee inspires American coffee ‘geek’

04/12/2018 09:00

For Will Frith, born in the US to an American father and Vietnamese mother, a visit to Viet Nam in 2004 ignited a passion for coffee that would change his life.

Festival to highlight Ethnic Groups’ Cultural Day

04/11/2018 20:49

 Xang Khan, a traditional festival of the Thai ethnic group, where herbalists pay tribute to gods and ancestors who taught them to cure ailments, will be part of an  event to celebrate the Viet Nam Ethnic Groups’ Cultural Day on April 19.