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The fabric patterns of the Dao ethnic minority

The fabric patterns of the Dao ethnic minority

Nguyễn Anh Cường, deputy head of the Faculty of Tourism Management and International Languages at Hà Nội University of Culture, talked with Việt Nam News reporter Lê Việt Dũng about the patterns on the Dao clothes.

Quảng Nam Province cherishes its people through festival held in HCM City

07/19/2024 15:56

The Đồng Hương Quảng Nam (Quảng Nam People) Festival being held in HCM City aims to connect the central province’s natives living away from home through cultural activities, and recognise their achievements.

Ninh Bình to host Miss Cosmo 2024 fashion show in September

07/15/2024 16:08

International beauty contestants will take part in a fashion show entitled Hello Cosmo from Việt Nam at the Tràng An Landscape Complex, UNESCO World Heritage, in mid-September.

Alleviating back pain from hernias

07/15/2024 09:29

In the bustling city of Hà Nội, where expatriates, diplomats and tourists often find themselves immersed in sedentary work, orthopedic issues like cervical and lumbar disc herniation pain can be particularly prevalent.

25 years since Hà Nội honoured as UNESCO 'City for Peace'

07/14/2024 09:21

Hà Nội was honoured as a "City for Peace" in 1999 - an event with profound political and cultural significance.

Wives' gambling fears clash with husbands' Euro passion

07/13/2024 09:14

While the wives' concerns about the potential financial and social consequences of gambling addiction are understandable, their controlling actions have also led to conflicts and inhibitions within the couples' relationships.

Jeonggwan Junior Choir, Korea to perform

07/12/2024 16:08

The Jeonggwan Junior Choir from Busan, Korea will perform a set which will include traditional and contemporary folk music, Korean-style pop and international melodies.

Popular Đà Lạt Art Street returns for 2nd year

07/12/2024 14:55

Đà Lạt City and art exhibition space Stop And Go Art Space launched the “Đà Lạt Art Street Season 2” (Cung đường nghệ thuật Đà Lạt) on July 11 after last year’s inaugural event became a big hit.

Over 100 southern local dishes spotlighted at HCM City festival

07/12/2024 11:02

More than 100 typical dishes of southern localities have been introduced at the Taste of the South culinary festival that opened in HCM City on July 11.

Quảng Bình's national park, caves highlighted by Lonely Planet

07/11/2024 15:56

Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, Sơn Đoòng Cave, Tú Làn Cave, and Thiên Đường Cave are must-see attractions in the Việt Nam's central province of Quảng Bình