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Rustic craft passed from generation to generation

Rustic craft passed from generation to generation

Migrating from the north to the far south of the country, the forefathers of Định Yên villagers brought an elegant craft that is now much sought after throughout the region and beyond

Yarn mooncakes, lanterns help to make Mid-Autumn Festival complete

09/21/2021 15:07

Social distancing has prevented Nguyễn Thu Thảo from meeting with parents for dinners, lighting paper lanterns for the kids, eating mooncakes, and moon-gazing together during the coming Mid-Autumn Festival.

1,200 COVID child patients celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at treatment facility in Bình Dương

09/21/2021 00:49

More than 1,200 COVID child patients on September 19 joined lantern processions and songs at a Mid-Autumn Festival event at field hospital No. 1 in Bình Dương Province.

Life smells sweet for essential-oil entrepreneur

09/19/2021 08:19

Dương Xuân Trường, a young entrepreneur from the central province of Thanh Hóa's Thạch Thành District, and his company, Befine, extract essential oils from local agricultural by-products, making a significant contribution to society and protecting the environment.

Discover Vietnam

09/14/2021 15:29

Visit ‘Challenge me’ channel to have a temporary getaway from the pandemic.

Foreigners keep fit and raise funds for Vietnamese charities

09/14/2021 08:57

A group of foreigners living in Việt Nam has raised VNĐ153 million (US$6,700) for charity amid the current COVID-19 outbreak.

'No one is left behind': Việt Nam's authorities provide support for foreigners amid the pandemic

09/14/2021 08:16

Despite limited resources, the Vietnamese Government and local authorities are sparing no efforts to support and ensure safety for the expat community in Việt Nam amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The medical 'butler' who never wears protective gear

09/13/2021 09:22

Many patients at the COVID-19 resuscitation hospital in HCM City, managed by Huế Central Hospital, are receiving meals and medication from a robot.

Public loudspeakers: old weapons in a new war

09/12/2021 08:35

The famous public address system in Hà Nội seems to be on an historic mission again and is proving an effective channel to transmit urgent messages during the coronavirus pandemic, especially during social distancing.

Famed pop-art artist draws inspiration from pandemic

09/12/2021 07:45

Vietnamese pop-art artist Trần Trung Lĩnh has recently been working as a storyboard artist in the film industry. Inspired by the recent struggles of Sài Gòn due to the pandemic, Lĩnh, 44, has painted several pictures showing the city’s beauty, goodness and tolerance in such a profoundly difficult time. Inner Sanctum spoke to Lĩnh about his life and current work.