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Pickled onions add flavour to Tết feast

Pickled onions add flavour to Tết feast

A Lunar New Year feast is often a carefully prepared and extravagant event held to hope for a prosperous year.

It’s a no-grainer: Time for Việt Nam to create a rice brand

01/19/2020 08:10

​​​​​​​Việt Nam may be one of the world’s top rice exporters, but its exports have not fetched high prices. That might be about to change: Its ST25 fragrant rice has been recognised as the world’s best. Xuân Hương reports.

100-year-old village famed for its ancestor worship altars

01/19/2020 07:18

Craft artisans from the Gò Công Altar Cabinet Village in the Cửu Long (Mekong) Delta province of Tiền Giang are working hard to meet the increasing number of orders before the Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday.

Spring in the air and the streets

01/18/2020 09:06

The spring atmosphere is overwhelming Hà Nội's streets, from downtown to the outskirts.

Citadel to glow with Tết atmosphere

01/18/2020 08:28

Thăng Long Royal Citadel will be decorated brilliantly to celebrate Tết (Lunar New Year) with flowers, lanterns, conical hats and calligraphic works as a spring festival will run from today until February 2.

Vietnamese nationwide celebrate Kitchen Gods’ Day

01/16/2020 22:37

As the most important festival in Vietnamese culture, Tết (Lunar) New Year retains many traditions that have been passed down for generations, one of which is the rituals performed on Kitchen Gods’ Day.

International student exchange begins in Đà Nẵng

01/16/2020 17:58

A group of 10 students from two colleges – Eastern Institute of Technology and Otago Polytechnic - New Zealand – have joined a 40-day experience programme at the city-based Đông Á from January 9 to February 17.

Ancient town to celebrate Lunar New Year with a bang

01/16/2020 16:51

Popular Japanese singer Ueno Yuuka, who was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the Hội An-Japan Cultural Exchange, will perform with singer Kawamura Yui and the Kolme band from Japan on Lunar New Year’s eve at the Sculpture Park in the ancient city on January 24.

Japanese teacher with a love for Việt Nam

01/16/2020 07:49

Shuto Mika, a volunteer Japanese teacher in Đà Nẵng, has fallen in love with the Vietnamese monochord.

High time we made the effort to understand children

01/15/2020 08:22

Tết, (Lunar New Year) holiday is coming, the biggest and longest festive period of the year in Việt Nam. Everybody is busy completing their work and preparing to welcome a new year filled with new opportunities.