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The freedom fighters who made enormous sacrifices (on bicycles)

The freedom fighters who made enormous sacrifices (on bicycles)

Hundreds of thousand volunteers carried rice, ammunition and other supplies on their shoulders, or push pack-bicycles and self-made carts to transport supplies to Điện Biên.

Đom Lơng Néak Tà Festival recognised as National Intangible Cultural Heritage

04/11/2024 19:36

Khmer people organise the Đom Lơng Néak Tà Festival at Néak Tà temples to worship Néak Tà, the god of protection for rain, good crops, health and peace.

Hà Nội: Tradition and the age of AI

04/11/2024 08:32

Hà Nội, in its essence, is a testament to tradition's resilience in the face of relentless modernisation. It's a city where old ways aren't merely preserved; they're celebrated.

Hà Nội plans many activities to commemorate 70th Liberation Day

04/11/2024 07:01

Fireworks, drone light show and contests are among Hà Nội's planned activities to celebrate the 70th Liberation Day anniversary this year.

Swimmers splash into open water competition

04/09/2024 15:44

The Sơn Trà Peninsula’s beach and tourism managing board said the swimming event will offer men’s 2km and women’s 1km events for six age groups from 14 to 69.

Bringing traditional dances to the youth

04/09/2024 10:27

The highlight of the event is the synchronised performance of over 2,200 local students at four locations in the centre of Điện Biên Phủ City.

Youth union members make toys for ethnic children from recycled tires

04/09/2024 10:13

To make the toys more appealing and engaging, they are decorated by painting and drawing funny shapes on them.

Programmes and policies improve Khmer people’s livelihood

04/08/2024 07:04

The southern province of Sóc Trăng has the highest concentration of Khmer people in Việt Nam, accounting for 30 per cent of their total population. The implementation of the socialisation policy for housing in the locality has achieved positive results, addressing the issue of housing for impoverished Khmer households, while solving social welfare problems and reducing poverty.

Can you run on a torn meniscus?  (part three)

04/07/2024 16:28

In the previous articles we introduced the meniscus, explained the three main causes for it to tear, and finally we are getting to answer if it’s wise to run on a torn meniscus or not.

Journey of a reel warrior

04/07/2024 10:30

Martial artist Ben Eagle aims to inspire young people, especially children, to think more positively and dare to stand up against wrongdoing.