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Skilled hands make fabric come alive

Skilled hands make fabric come alive

Hồ Văn Tai from Tân Phú Trung Commune in the southern province of Đồng Tháp is considered as the last artisan making fabric pictures in the southwestern region of Việt Nam with 68 years working in the craft.

So your pet may roam free

07/05/2020 08:02

Pets have become more and more like family member to many animal lovers, so giving them an ID not only makes them that little bit closer, but also helps to manage them more efficiently.

Kem xôi a summer treat to beat the Hà Nội heat

06/30/2020 08:16

The ingredients to make kem xôi include sticky rice, fresh ice cream, fresh milk, yoghurt, coconut juice, white sugar, and lá nếp.

How to beat the summer heat?

06/29/2020 09:11

It’s the time to hit the beach and amusement parks once again. However, one should be mindful of the possible effects of staying too long under the heat of the sun. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat and humidity can cause heat-related illnesses which include:

HCM City's last bookbinder keeps craft alive

06/28/2020 09:53

Twenty to 25 years ago, when the internet was not as well developed as it is now in Việt Nam, a bookbinder was still a famous high-paying job.

Praying for rain in a parched landscape

06/28/2020 08:57

The annual ritual is held in early June in Rưng Ama Nin Village in Ayun Pa Town, in the southeast of the province, and is painstakingly prepared by a 'special council' and attended by almost everyone in the area.

What’s in a name?

06/28/2020 07:56

Recent news of a maths professor at a US community college asking one of his students to “Anglicise” her name made headlines around the world, while the offending email was widely shared on social media.

Unique forest task force team

06/27/2020 10:29

To win a spot on the team you have to be healthy, love the forest and animals and have enough skills to live in the forest for a long time.

Farmers work at night to avoid severe heat

06/26/2020 20:12

Groups of farmers work in the field. The faint light from battery lamps on their heads shed light on the land they are working on.

Experiencing an authentic Dao Đỏ herbal bath in Tả Phìn

06/25/2020 20:22

If you want to experience an authentic Dao Đỏ herbal bath, you have to do it at Tả Phìn.