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Concert for famed musician of history

Concert for famed musician of history

Every Vietnamese knows the song Nhu Co Bac Trong Ngay Dai Thang (Uncle Ho Seems to Be with Us on the Festive Day of Grand Victory), written by Pham Tuyen.

Tết starts as people release carps for Kitchen Gods

01/20/2017 16:14

Golden carp is popular during the Ông Công - Ông Táo (Land Genie and Kitchen Gods) ceremony on the 23rd day of the last month of the Lunar New Year, which falls on Friday this year.   

An Asia-Pacific pearl glows in Viet Nam

01/17/2017 15:16

The central city of Da Nang has taken full advantage of being able to start afresh, unencumbered for the most part by outdated infrastructure, to become the most livable place in the country. Bui Hoai Nam charts a few milestones of this growth.

Ha Noi’s 2,000-dong market

01/09/2017 11:22

A VND 2,000 market (known as E2K) - a local version of "dollar stores" was set up in the capital to help poor people

Get out and celebrate life

01/05/2017 17:18

Teed Off with Robert Bicknell

From the very common cold to pneumonia

12/27/2016 17:13

Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (ARTI) is the most common disease among the general population, especially among children younger than 5. According to the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC), each child has six to eight episodes of respiratory infection annually, on average.

Match made in heaven

12/20/2016 16:52

Two young hangliders, Hai Yen and Tuan Dung, celebrated their love with a unique wedding ceremony recently on the western outskirts of Ha Noi.

Geniuses or not, let our children stay grounded

12/14/2016 15:20

Every child has his or her own talents and downsides. Praising them too much, too early may end up doing more harm than good.

Diversity enchants Japanese man

12/08/2016 14:56

Yasushi Ogura has a special place in the heart of ethnic people in the northernmost Lo Lo Chai village in Ha Giang province for his dedications in helping locals to preserve their indigenous culture. Last year, Ogura constructed a coffee shop near Lung Cu tower flag for a Lo Lo family.  

To your health: Recurrent early spontaneous abortion: Causes and screening

12/06/2016 17:13

A single miscarriage during the first term of pregnancy is not a rare occurrence. Indeed, this happens to 15 per cent of women. However, just one or two per cent of couples experience Recurrent Early Spontaneous Abortion (RESA), usually defined as three miscarriages before the 12th week of amenorrhea (1st term).

Hotels light up Christmas trees

12/05/2016 21:43

As Christmas is a time for giving and remembering those less fortunate than ourselves, the Christmas tree lighting ceremony of the JW Marriott Hanoi, which takes place from 5.30pm to 7.30pm today, aims to make orphans’ wishes come true.