Heritage villas and temples in the south

11/08/2019 09:45

Visiting heritage sites in HCM City and in Bình Dương Province, about 20km from the city, can be an interesting detour for locals and foreigners alike.

Valley of rice fields offers autumn retreat

11/08/2019 09:22

The best time to travel to Tú Lệ is from August to November.

149-year-old house in Cần Thơ site of famous film The Lover

11/08/2019 08:42

The Bình Thủy House, a well-preserved 149-year-old house in Cần Thơ, is one of the city's most popular attractions.

Explore Hải Tặc (Pirate) Island

10/26/2019 11:42

Vistiors to Hải Tặc (Pirate) Island in Kiên Giang Province can dive for sea urchins and eat them raw as local fishermen do.

Huế plans to launch bike tourism service

10/26/2019 10:33

Việt Nam's former imperial capital of Huế plans to pilot a public bicycle service that will provide hundreds of tourists with an option to ride bikes on its downtown streets.

Touch the clouds at Bạch Mã Mountain

10/25/2019 16:34

Following a 20-km road leading to the summit of central Việt Nam's Bạch Mã (White Horse) Mountain, at 1,450 metres, visitors might feel as if they are surfing on clouds.

Lũng Cú flagpole a sight to behold

10/25/2019 08:34

Hà Giang is beautiful at any time of year, with endless scenery to entertain and inspire visitors. While some travel far and wide across the province, for many the Lũng Cú flagpole is one milestone not to be missed. 

Non Nước Cao Bằng Geopark, a wonderland on Earth

10/20/2019 08:08

Non Nước Cao Bằng UNESCO Global Geopark is an exceptional area in which it is possible to explore the history of planet Earth for more than 500 million years. It’s also a land of tangible and intangible cultural heritage sites. Bùi Quỳnh Hoa explores.

Na Hang: a natural beauty and feast for tourists’ eyes

10/18/2019 09:24

A boat floats slowly across a mirror-like lake. Sky and water meet to create a feast for tourists’ eyes. Forests stretch out into the distance. Mountains rise majestically into the distance.