Ngòi Tu Village, an attractive destination by Thác Bà Lake

Ngòi Tu Village, an attractive destination by Thác Bà Lake

Located on the peaceful Thác Bà Lake, Ngòi Tu Community Cultural Tourism Village in Vũ Linh Commune, Yên Bình District is an attractive destination for tourists.

HCM City tourism to go with the Sài Gòn River flow

06/19/2022 08:05

Waterway tourism is one of the new products that HCM City is promoting in order to facilitate recovery of its tourism industry. 

Explore night tours in Hà Nội

06/15/2022 10:56

One of the best ways to see Hanoi is after the sun sets. More and more tours catering for domestic visitors are taking place in the evening on weekends to give people an unusual twist on the places they visit. And there are plans in place to offer the same night time excursions to international tourists very soon.

Bát Tràng pottery museum a site for sore eyes

06/12/2022 11:49

With a design taking inspiration from pottery wheels, the Bát Tràng pottery museum is a real head-turner

Ethnic Cơ Tu people treasure threatened freshwater fish

06/12/2022 07:55

Vũng Bọt Stream at the junction of the Bắc (North) and Nam (South) rivers that merge the Cu Đê River is home to the 'niên' fish (Onychostoma gerlachi), a natural freshwater fish species that is listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Awakening Quảng Ninh's Yên Trung Lake

06/05/2022 10:29

The picturesque and tranquil landscapes around Yên Trung, the biggest freshwater lake in the northern coastal province of Quảng Ninh's Uông Bí City, have become a must-see for nature-loving tourists from across the country.

Ninh Bình protects biodiversity for sustainable future

06/05/2022 08:36

Over the years, the province of Ninh Bình has actively implemented measures to conserve biodiversity and sustainably develop the value that natural ecosystems offer.

Discovering the fruit paradise of Bến Tre

06/04/2022 08:25

Bến Tre is a province in the Mekong Delta that is recognised as the home of the Đồng Khởi movement and the land of coconuts.

Mộc Châu's glass bottomed bridge officially longest in the world

06/03/2022 13:58

Guinness World Records have officially recognised the White Dragon Bridge Moc Chau as the largest of its kind. Measuring 2,703 feet long the suspension bridge connects two mountains in Sơn La Province in northern Việt Nam.

Life in the slow lane at serene Hoài Khao Village

05/29/2022 09:57

A visit to Hoài Khao Village offers a rare chance to experience traditional culture and crafts while contemplating the distinctive original architecture that has been preserved for generations.