The ghosts of gorgeous Hua Mạ Cave await more intrepid visitors

The ghosts of gorgeous Hua Mạ Cave await more intrepid visitors

With its karst topography and poetic peaks, the northwestern province of Bac Kan offers travelers majestic landscapes and exciting discoveries. One of them is Hua Ma Cave in Quang Khe Commune, a hidden gem of impressive stalactites and mysterious legends.

Island district looks to boost tourism

01/10/2017 13:59

Local authorities of the Phu Quy Island District, in the central province of Binh Thuan, have spared no effort in promoting local tourism.

Planting forests under the ocean

01/09/2017 14:19

Under the influence of climate change and overexploitation, the amount of coral reefs worldwide, including in Phu Quoc District in the southern province of Kien Giang, have reduced significantly. In an effort to preserve and revive nature’s precious gift, Phu Quoc Nature Reserve has been implementing a project of planting a coral reef nursery garden on the seabed. Nguyen Trieu spent a day with conservationists from the reserve.

HCM City issues code of conduct for tourists

01/09/2017 11:38

The HCM City Department of Tourism on January 5 began issuing a code of conduct it had drawn up for tourists visiting the city to ensure they behave appropriately in public.

Hải Minh, a fishing village marked by beauty and peace

01/06/2017 14:51

A trip to Hai Minh fishing village in Quy Nhon city will offer you peaceful moments

For budget travel, Forbes suggests northern VN mountains

01/05/2017 17:25

Forbes has included northern Viet Nam in a list of 21 low-cost travel destinations for 2017.

City to revamp waterway tourism plan

01/04/2017 11:44

With nearly 1,000 kilometres of rivers and canals, the potential for developing waterway tourism in the HCM City metropolitan area is enormous, but this is limited by the lack of a serious effort to avoid pitfalls like increasing pollution.

Getting lost in the lush mangrove greenery of Bảy Mẫu

12/30/2016 20:22

Riding a boat in the nipa palm forest gives me a feeling of being lost in the lush greenery.

Nha Trang scuba diving popular among tourists

12/30/2016 13:22

Apart from taking a tour around islands in Nha Trang Bay, tourists to the central coastal city are advised to sign up for a scuba diving service to admire the coral reefs.            

VN travel agencies said to manipulate Google Maps

12/30/2016 13:20

Several travel companies in HCM City have said that their rivals manipulated contact information on Google Maps in an alleged tactic to steal clients, with contact numbers deliberately changed as an act of business sabotage.

Success carved in limestone: tourists flock to Ninh Vân village

12/27/2016 19:00

Dinh Thi Long has lived in her house in Ninh Van village for over 50 years, and is still getting used to the idea that it has become a major tourist attraction in the famous stone carving village in northern Ninh Binh Province’s Hoa Lu district.