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Fried rice with sea crab ​​​​​​​

Chef Lê Đức Hải


-    Sea crab: 2 

-    Fragrant rice: 0.5 kilo

-    Chicken egg: 2

-    Bell pepper: 1

-    String bean: 50g

-    Carrot: 1

-    Sweetcorn: ½ piece

-    Spices: cooking oil, fish sauce, salt, broth mix, pepper, green onion, garlic, chilli and soy sauce.

Preparation:  Clean the crabs, boil for 15 minutes then remove. Peel the crab by hand and marinate for half an hour, with one teaspoon broth mix, and cut green onions.

-    Clean the rice and add the boiled crab broth to cook the rice until it is done to a turn, take the rice out and spread it on a basket to let it cool.

-    Note: Use long-grain rice for firmness. You can also use cool rice to cook the dish.

-  Clean the bell pepper, string beans, and carrots before cutting them into tiny cubes. Remove sweetcorn off the cob, clean it and let dry. Beat the chicken eggs.

Fried rice with sea crab

To cook:

-    Cook the beaten eggs in a hot pan and stir well for several minutes.

-    Cook the crab meat in a pan in the same way as the egg.

-    In a pan, add cooking oil and stir-fry the minced garlic for a while then add the bell pepper, string beans, carrots and corn until it is well cooked, then add the fried crab meat and give a quick stir.

-    The last step is to mix the rice and eggs with these ingredients and cook over high heat with quick stirring before adding broth mix, salt, and pepper,  and continue frying until the rice is drier. Toss the cut green onion into the pan before turning off the heat.

Dipping sauce:

-    Mix the soy sauce with chilli sauce or minced chilli. You can also use fish sauce to mix with the chilli.


The dish is enjoyable when being eaten hot because when it becomes cold the rice gets dry and tough and loses its flavour.

You can sample the dish at Ngon Garden Restaurant at 70 Nguyễn Du, one of Hà Nội’s most beautiful streets. VNS

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