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Nha Trang Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki

Chef Duc
Viet Nam News

with chef Vu Anh Duc from Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

A real seafood treat for this chilled season. Cheers! 

Ingredients: serves 4 


-         250 gram tuna

-         5 gram black roe

-         5 gram red roe

-         1 cucumber

-         1 red onion

-         50 gram mayonnaise

-         1 egg

-         50 mil soy sauce

-         50 gram perilla

-         50 gram coriander

-         50 gram peppermint

-         50 gram dill

-         1 red radish

-         1 beetroot

-         1 chilly

-         1 lemon

-         300 ml Olive oil

-         5 gram Agar powder

-          1 bunch of Vietnamese Balm

-          White vinegar

-          Salt, pepper




-          Cut tuna into rectangular pieces, marinate with soy sauce for 5 minutes then Saute.

-          Slice sauteed tuna into thin slices.

-          Peel and mince cucumber (take the core out before mincing).

-          Take out the seeds then mince chilly.

-          Mince red onion

-          Boil egg and use boiled egg white to mince.

-          Mix minced ingredients (cucumber, chilly, red onion, egg white) with salt, pepper, lemon juice, lemon zest, mayonnaise, and olive oil to make cucumber pickle.

-          Mix both black and red roe with mayonnaise

-          Boil beetroot then peel the skin, grind well with salt and pepper.

-         Pick small leaves of perilla, coriander, peppermint, dill to decorate.

-         Pick Vietnamese Balm leaves, wash, boil the leaves then grind them with vinegar, salt and pepper.

-         Heat soy sauce with sugar, agar powder then put into small moulds and put in the fridge to make soy sauce jelly cubes.

-         Slice red radish thinly and soak into cold water.




-         Put ground beetroot into the dish, then cucumber pickle. Place tuna slices into the dish, put on some Vietnamese Balm sauce, roe and mayo sauce and soy sauce jelly cubes. Decorate with small leaves of perilla, coriander, peppermint, and dill. 

You can sample the dish at Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, K5 Nghi Tam, 11 Xuan Dieu St, Tay Ho Dist, Ha Noi. Tel: +(84)4 3719 9000. Website: sheraton.com/hanoi, sheratonhanoi.com.  

Nha Trang Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki

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