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Bắc Sơn Tourism Week opens

LẠNG SƠN – Various arts and culture activities are taking place in Quỳnh Sơn Community Village, Bắc Quỳnh Commune, in the northern province of Lạng Sơn.

The events are part of Bắc Sơn Tourism Week between July 15 and 17.

Highlights include a rice harvesting race, performing in traditional costumes, folk singing and dancing, as well as bonfire camping.

Ripe rice fields in Bắc Sơn Valley. Photo diemdentre.vn

Other folk festivals like the Ná Nhèm Festival, a ceremony of Dao ethnic group in Lù Gang, are also featured.

Visitors will have a chance to experience making traditional food like sticky rice cakes, black sticky rice cakes, or creating yin-yang tiles and the traditional gourd lute.

In Bắc Quỳnh Commune, visitors can go up the 600m Nà Lay Mountain to gain an aerial view of Bắc Sơn Valley with its immense rice fields.

The nearby Lạng Sơn Geology Park and Bắc Sơn Revolution Museum are great places for visitors to learn about local nature and history.

Bắc Sơn Tourism Week celebrates the 82nd anniversary of the Bắc Sơn Revolution (September 27, 2022) and aims to resume local tourism after the pandemic.

Located 100km to the west of Lạng Sơn City, Bắc Sơn District is bordered by karst mountains ranges with peaceful landscapes. A small river zigzags its way through rice fields and mountains, creating romantic scenery.

The area attracts visitors from all over the country, especially in the harvest season. VNS

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