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Manga figure hobbyist builds collection in smart home

by Vân Nguyễn & Bảo Ngọc

Some believe collecting action figures is a hobby not suitable for a grown man, but Việt Nam has many clubs for those who love such comic book figures to share their interest and discuss the latest trends.

Nguyễn Đức Giang, a 33-year-old game developer in Hà Nội, needs a whole room to store his favourite manga characters and may need more space soon.

Giang has created a home office in his attic space, which is approximately 20 square metres in size and has also turned it into a display area for his treasured collection of books, comics and figures. His home also doubles as a smart home with all of the latest gadgets and mod-cons to make his life as easy as possible.

"Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed reading comics like Dragon Ball and Doraemon. Most of the figures here are characters in comic books. I have been collecting them for a long time. Since I was a student, I have had a few small models. When I have a better financial situation, I will collect more valuable ones," Giang said.

Game developer Nguyễn Đức Giang. VNS Photo Vân Nguyễn

His collection includes hundreds of figures, mostly purchased in China and Japan.

"There are numerous different types, ranging from simple plastic to massive resin ones that are also fairly expensive. When it comes to large models, purchasing is more difficult. They are only in limited quantities. I have to pre-order several months in advance, if not a year. Also, everything arrives in bits, so I have to assemble everything myself," he said.

Comics display area. VNS Photo Bảo Ngọc

Giang said that collecting action figures lets him interact with other people who enjoy the same hobby.

"The community in Việt Nam that collects comic book models is small, but it thrives and brings people together," Giang said.

"I think it's a healthy hobby. Many may think it's a bit childish, but actually, in the group, there are many people aged between 30 and 40. This collection satisfies my passion and makes me more creative at work. It also helps me connect with like-minded people."

Working in the gaming industry, Giang is constantly exposed to technology, so he wanted his workspace and home to be as trendy, smart and modern as possible.

His home is outfitted with various cutting-edge technologies, including Google Smart home-compatible robot vacuums, lights, curtains, air conditioners, speakers and more. It's the ultimate smart space.

Giang sets up a sophisticated cabinet system to display a collection of hundreds of models he has collected over the years. VNS Photo Bảo Ngọc

Giang has configured his special space to have a high level of personalisation. He has programmed accessible commands, so that if he says "so hot" or "so cold" or "game on", the temperature automatically adjusts or his gaming system turns on.

Giang estimates that installing the smart home system cost VNĐ200 million (US$8,600).

"A 'smart home' is a residence that combines the simplicity of use, contemporary design, and increased safety. Most electrical appliances in use today are already integrated into the system. It is quite easy to have a control system for the house that works via the phone, voice, or script," he said.

"The larger the house, the greater the number of innovative features that should be incorporated. Because of this, you will have more time on your hands and won't have to worry about forgetting to power down your devices."

Giang does not feel that he is wasting money on modern technology because the pleasure it delivers is very satisfying and worthwhile. If anything, he wants more.

"I believe that the investment is money well spent. To get the most out of what a smart home offers after it has been installed, you need to make certain interactions and learn new skills," he said. VNS

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