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Music project for young artists launched

Young artists are encouraged to take part in a music project called Production House launched by Bpro Entertainment last week in HCM City. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY - Young artists are encouraged to take part in a music project called Production House, recently launched by Bpro Entertainment in HCM City. 

The project aims to seek new talent and help them develop their art as well as bring music closer to audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Production House will help young singers, music producers and mixers to release new MVs and albums featuring Vietnamese songs. 

Cover of the MV Có Ai Cho Tôi Hay (Who Tell Me Why), the first album from the music project Production House. The work features young producer XAN (right) and singer Trịnh Thanh Bình.   Photo courtesy of the producer 

The project’s first production, Có Ai Cho Tôi Hay (Who Tell Me Why), was released on July 18 and has attracted 200,000 views on YouTube.

The MV features young artist XAN as a producer, songwriter and lead singer. It also features the voice of pop singer Trịnh Thăng Bình, the project’s founder. 

XAN, 23, began his career in 2018 after his first hit, Hongkong 1, was No1 on ZingMP3’s Zingchat, the country’s most popular music site. XAN and his partner, singer Nguyễn Trọng Tài, wrote, composed and produced Hongkong1

His second MV as a producer, Khác Biệt To Lớn (The Big Difference), was released last year and has attracted more than 60 million views on YouTube. 

“I think Production House is a great opportunity for young singers, musicians and producers to introduce their art and experience their passion,” XAN told local media. 

To guarantee the success of Production House in the pandemic fight, the project’s founder Bình has worked with his partners to spend VNĐ2 billion (US$90,000) on three home studios with high-quality recording equipment. 

“We will produce and release one MV by young artists every two months,” said Bình, who has been involved in the music industry since 2006.  VNS

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