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Exhibition highlights Quảng Ninh Province’s 60-year achievements

A visitor at the exhibition on the 60-year journey of formation and development of Quảng Ninh Province. Photo Hạ Long + Facebook

QUẢNG NINH An exhibition on the 60-year journey of formation and development of the northern coastal province of Quảng Ninh is taking place at the provincial Exhibition of Planning and Expo Centre.

On display are 11 national treasures, 1,500 images, 40 clips and 230 artifacts, spotlighting milestones and imprints, and outstanding socio-economic development achievements in Quảng Ninh’s development over the last six decades, as well as its beauty.

Some notable artifacts on display include the khaki outfit worn by President Hồ Chí Minh during his visit to the province, the naval hat he wore on January 22, 1962, when he visited Hạ Long Bay with Soviet cosmonaut G. Titov and named an island – Titov - after him, and the microphone used by the President during his speech at Hòn Gai High School.

37mm artillery and the flag of the martyr Đặng Bá Hát. (1936-1972). Photo

The exhibition integrates many modern presentation formats such as interactive sliding walls, digital screens, and mapping projections that enable visitors, especially young ones, to have interesting and visually engaging perspectives on politics, history, culture and even wartime.

The mapping projection area, which spans over 230sq.m, showcases the famous landscapes of the locality. These include natural wonder and World Heritage Site Hạ Long Bay, Cô Tô Island, Trà Cổ Commune, the border district of Bình Liêu and Buddhist site Yên Tử.

The exhibition contributes to affirming and honouring efforts made by the local authorities and people to promote the locality’s development, especially during the renewal and integration period.

According to acting Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Cao Tường Huy, this is the largest exhibition ever in Quảng Ninh, which creates connections between the past, the present and the future.

It offers a chance for people and visitors, especially youths, to study and understand more about the locality’s development, he noted.

This activity is part of a series of events celebrating Quảng Ninh’s 60th anniversary (October 30, 1963- 2023), promoting the spirit of solidarity, joint efforts, and tireless determination and desire to develop Quảng Ninh into a prosperous, civilised and modern locality.

The exhibition runs until November 20.

Endowed with natural advantages for marine tourism, Quảng Ninh boasts a coastline of over 250 kilometres and more than 2,000 islands.

In particular, Ha Long Bay, literally “the bay of descending dragons”, is recognised as a world natural heritage site by UNESCO twice, in 1994 for its globally outstanding aesthetic merit and in 2000 for its geological - geomorphological value.

The province aims to make its tourism a spearhead and sustainable economic sector by 2030, attracting at least 25.5-26 million visitors, including about 9 million foreigners. VNS

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