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Exhibition introduces traditional Vietnamese lacquer art

HÀ NỘI — The lacquer painting exhibition Chào Xuân 2024 (Welcome Spring 2024) not only introduces traditional Vietnamese lacquer artworks and techniques but also brings joy for Tết (Lunar New Year) 2024. 

The lacquer painting Thiếu Nữ (Young Lady) by artist Công Quốc Hà.

With 46 lacquer artworks by numerous artists, the exhibition brings interesting stories about traditional lacquer art and the artists' sentiments and perspectives about humans and nature intertwined in philosophy.

The artists convey their sentiments and perspectives through traditional materials, including lacquer, cockroach wing paint, lipstick, silver plated and gold plated paints. The artworks are also inlaid with snail shells, clams, and eggs.

Through deft, emotionally charged brushstrokes, each artist and painting creates a distinctive, rich, diverse style that conveys visitors to the familiar yet simple Vietnamese landscapes and people.

The presence of famous artists such as Công Quốc Hà, Đặng Thu Hương, and Văn Chiến allows audiences to admire numerous valuable artworks.

Not only did Công Quốc Hà's art lovers meet again Thiếu Nữ (Young Lady), the subject that created Hà's name decades ago, or his excellent Hà Nội street themed with Phố Xuân (Spring Street), but also admire beautiful, modern still life paintings with a distinctive style. 

Paintings by artist Đặng Thu Hương have vibrant colours with novel and modern layouts. Her paintings featured in the exhibition include Tĩnh vật hoa (Flower in Still Life), and Hoa mẫu đơn (Peony). 

Experts highly appreciate artist Văn Chiến for his landscape lacquer paintings. Chiến travelled a lot, therefore, his paintings present a witty mind but also full of dedication.

Through paintings of countryside landscapes, Hà Nội alleys, and simple scenes of daily life such as Trừu tượng phố (Street Abstract), Mùa hạ (Summer), Cô gái hoa (Flower Girl), Chợ làng (Village Market), the audiences catch the romance, pomp and affection of artist Chiến. 

The lacquer painting Sen (Lotus) by artist Đặng Thu Hương.

In addition, familiar topics about Vietnamese humans and nature are featured in paintings of other lacquer artists such as Nguyễn Đình Quang, Hoàng Gia Vinh, Bùi Trọng Dư, Đào Huy Sơn, Trần Phi Trường, enriching the Vietnamese lacquer art style.

The exhibition is open to the public until February 29 at Văn Lang Art Centre, floor 6A, Hoàng Thành Building, 114 Mai Hắc Đế Str., Hai Bà Trưng Dist., Hà Nội. — VNS

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