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Kon Tum district sets record with 120 dishes made from ginseng

Visitors at the International Culinary Contest held in Tu Mơ Rông District in Kon Tum Province, where a Vietnamese record was set with 120 dishes made from ginseng. VNA Photo

KON TUM - Tu Mơ Rông District in Kon Tum Province set a Vietnamese record with 120 dishes made from ginseng at a recent contest.

The People's Committee of Tu Mơ Rông district in Kon Tum province on April 25 organised the opening ceremony of the International Culinary Contest and establishment of a record in Việt Nam with 120 dishes made from ginseng.

The contest took place over two days from April 25 to 26 and this is an occasion to elevate and honour medicinal plants, preserve culture and create additional livelihoods for the Xơ Đăng ethnic minority people.

The contest attracted 21 participating teams. Among them, there are 11 teams from 11 communes and cooperatives in Tu Mơ Rông district, 10 invited teams from Laos, China, Switzerland, and some associations and clubs of chefs from Việt Nam.

The participating teams are divided into two groups, each team has a maximum of three main chefs preparing dishes with ingredients from ginseng at Tu Mơ Rông.

Chairman of Tu Mơ Rông district People's Committee Võ Trung Mạnh stated that this is the second time the district has organised a culinary contest with dishes made from medicinal plants.

The novelty of this competition is its elevation as an International Contest.

The district provides sufficient quality ginseng suitable for chefs to prepare dishes.

Through the contest, the district hopes to bring the image and features of Tu Mơ Rông's medicinal plants closer to the public.

As part of the contest, the Việt Nam Record Organisation Vietkings announced the establishment of a Vietnamese record with 120 dishes made from ginseng for Tu Mơ Rông district.

The establishment of the record affirms the value, quality, and attractiveness of Tu Mơ Rông ginseng compared to ginseng grown in other regions and localities.

Through the contest, the district will publish a recipe book for dishes made from Tu Mơ Rông ginseng, and then distribute it widely so that everyone across Việt Nam and the world can prepare dishes for their loved ones.

Within the framework of the contest, various activities will take place such as the Gong Festival, a youth cultural exchange, the second Art Exhibition "Illuminate dreams - Inspire stones" for teachers and students, a traditional rice pounding contest of Xơ Đăng ethnic people, a journey to seek the legend of Ngọc Linh ginseng and a livestream competition on social media about the International Culinary Contest.

Recently, Tu Mơ Rông district has been encouraging people to convert inefficient crops to ginseng cultivation while calling for enterprises with potential to invest.

Currently, there are businesses collaborating with locals and establishing factories.

When the factories are built, in addition to the 120 dishes made from ginseng that have just set the aforementioned record, there will be many more drinks, and other foods made from ginseng, contributing to improving the health of consumers. - VNS

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