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Red Cờ Lao ethnic group preserves culture identity

PASSED ON: Min Thị Nguyệt (first right) talks about the Red Cờ Lao's costume, which has been handed down through the family for 16 generations.. VNA Photos Nam Thái

For generations, the Red Cờ Lao, one of Việt Nam's ethnic minority groups, have lived in villages on the side of the Tây Côn Lĩnh mountain range in the northern province of Hà Giang. There are about over 1,000 people living in 200 households, mainly in Túng Sán Commune in Hoàng Su Phì District. They have connections with other Cờ Lao communities in Hoàng Su Phì and Đồng Văn districts.

BEAT IT: Farmers harvest rice in Túng Sán Commune. Between September to October is the most beautiful time, when terraced rice fields turn brightly yellow in harvest season, attracting tourists to Hà Giang Province every autumn.

Hoàng Su Phì District also suffers difficulties due to harsh natural conditions.

BEAUTIFUL: The Red Cờ Lao people grow different crops depending on the soil and other natural conditions. Terraced rice fields turn brightly yellow in harvest season, attracting tourists to Hà Giang Province every autumn.

However, these living conditions and geographical factors have not hindered the local populace from retaining many unique aspects of their longstanding culture. 

GIVING THANKS: Village chief Min Phà Khảy (left) talks about a ritual ceremony. The Red Cờ Lao people hold rituals to thank the gods, heaven, earth and ancestors for bountiful crops. 
The Red Cờ Lao women’s costume includes a pair of ankle-length trousers and a five-panelled dress. The dress is split up to the hip, and buttons are under the left armpit. All garments are dyed in indigo. Around the neck and hems of the sleeves are bands of brightly or darkly coloured cloth.  

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