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Singer releases new music video to thank COVID-19 fighters

HÀ NỘI — Vietnamese singer Hồng Nhung has released a new music video to pay tribute to health workers, soldiers and volunteers in Việt Nam fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

The diva issued her new music video titled Quê Hương Cần Nắng (Homeland Needs Sunlight) on Wednesday on YouTube.

The singer and her children are in California and cannot return to Việt Nam due to the travel restrictions imposed to stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

Singer Hồng Nhung. Photo

“They are national heroes,” Nhung said. “From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank them.”

Nhung composed the song in four days. It is arranged by musician Vũ Quang Trung.

“From the US, her heart is still close to her homeland,” commented viewer Phạm Huy Cận.

“We are still fighting COVID-19 and music is a method to heal the pain and help each other through this difficult period. The lyrics and melody in the music video show that."

The music video is directed by Cao Trung Hiếu. It also uses images by photographers such as Quốc Huy, Trần Tiến Dũng and Gerhard Heusch.

The crew members worked at home in the US and Việt Nam to make the video. It was recorded and sent to Việt Nam for post-production.

After being released last night, the music video has received support from other singers such as Quang Dũng, Đức Tuấn and Đàm Vĩnh Hưng.

Hồng Nhung is one of the top-ranking singers of Vietnamese music and has achieved great success since the 1990s. She also collaborated with songwriter Craig Armstrong to record the soundtrack for the movie The Quiet American. — VNS

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