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Six works receive the Vietnamese writers' association literary awards 2023

The covers of the literary works winning the Việt Nam Writers Association Literary Awards 2023. Photo courtesy of the Việt Nam Writers Association

HÀ NỘI  The Việt Nam Writers Association has announced six winners of 2023 Literature Awards, including three prose works, one poetry work, one theoretical and critical work, and one children's literature work.

Specifically, the Prose Awards were given to the novel Từ Giờ Thứ Sáu Đến Giờ Thứ Chín (From 6th Hour to 9th Hour) by writer Nguyễn Một, the novel Tuyệt Không Dấu Vết (Absolutely Untraceable) by writer Nguyễn Việt Hà, and the short story collection Một Mùa Hè Dưới Bóng Cây (A Summer Under the Tree's Shadow) by writer Nguyễn Tham Thiện Kế.

From 6th Hour to 9th Hour has attracted public attention since its release in June. The novel completes a trilogy, with the author's previous two novels, on the theme of war.

According to the President of the Việt Nam Writers Association, poet Nguyễn Quang Thiều, Một’s novel exploits the war theme with a fresh perspective. He writes about war not to lament or romanticise it, but to reflect on past conflicts and prevent future ones from happening.

Absolutely Untraceable, a much-anticipated mystery novel written by Hà in five years, not only seeks to uncover the victim and the culprit but also delves deep into exploring the subconscious of human nature.

The collection A Summer Under the Tree's Shadow consists of 35 short stories written by Kế over nearly 20 years.

Writer Hà Phạm Phú said the collection showcases Kế's elegant and sophisticated writing style, rich in emotions. The storytelling techniques, character development, and psychological analysis in the stories are masterfully executed.

The Poetry Award belongs to the collection Đồng Sen Tàn (Withered Lotus Lake) by poet Nguyễn Phúc Lộc Thành. The Theoretical and Critical Work Award went to the work Tự Chủ Văn Chương Và Sứ Mệnh Tự Do (Literary Autonomy and the Mission of Freedom) by co-authors Phùng Ngọc Kiên and Đoàn Ánh Dương.

Story collection Cá Linh Đi Học (Little Carps Go to School) by Lê Quang Trạng, published by the Kim Đồng Publishing House, won the Children's Literature Award.

The Young Author Award 2023 was given to Đức Anh for his novel Nhân Sinh Kép: Sống Hai Cuộc Đời (Dual Life).

Novel 'Nhân Sinh Kép: Sống Hai Cuộc Đời' (Dual Life) by writer Đức Anh receives the Young Author Award 2023. Photo courtesy of the Việt Nam Writers' Association

The 30-year-old writer, born in Russia, currently works in the publishing industry in Hà Nội. Dual Life, published by Linh Lan Books and Phụ Nữ (Women) Publishing House in 2023, is a speculative fiction work that combines elements of mystery and explores the world of individuals with two physical bodies but one shared soul, also known as "dual life".

The book utilises elements of speculation to explore a fresh and intriguing storyline while still maintaining a strong sense of reality. VNS

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