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SSIT seeks approval for the entry of a large vessel

The vessel MSC Rosaria enters the SSIT. — VNA/VNS Photo Mạnh Dương

HÀ NỘI — The Vietnam Maritime Administration (VMA) has responded to the request for the entry of a vessel of 200,148 DWT into the SP - SSA International Terminal (SSIT).

Initially, SSIT was open to vessels of 160,000 DWT or below. After some inspections, the Transport Construction Investment Management Authority held that the terminal has the capacity to handle vessels of up to 199,273 DWT.

Accordingly, SSIT has been given the go-ahead to accommodate vessels of 199,273 DWT or below since October 2022. The largest vessel that has docked at the terminal by far is the MSC Amsterdam of 186,541 DWT.  

Regarding the request for entry of the vessel MSC Jade of 200,148 DWT, VMA said it had asked CSG - SSA International Container Service Joint Venture -SSIT operator - to carefully consider the request and report to the Ministry of Transport on its feasibility. 

"Right after receiving the request for entry, we asked the shipping company MSC to have another vessel, which has a deadweight of fewer than 200,000 tonnes, enter the terminal," said an SSIT representative.

However, the shipping company said it is not easy to change the vessel because doing so requires major adjustments to shipping contracts. To not break the DWT limit, the shipping company said it would reduce the deadweight of the vessel to no more than 180,000 DWT.

SSIT operator said it had consulted experts and the experts said SSIT would still be able to handle a vessel of 200,148 DWT as an excess of 875 DWT would be minor. However, it would be safer if the shipping company could lighten the vessel as said.

All things considered, the SSIT operator has requested permission from the Ministry of Transport for the entry of the vessel MSC Jade into the terminal. — VNS

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