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Sustainability plays significant role in choices of travellers

A view of a beach in Phú Yên Province. Many Vietnamese travellers prefer sustainable tourism. – Photo Courtesy of

HCM CITY – Sustainability plays a significant role in the decision-making process of Vietnamese travellers when selecting destinations for their upcoming vacations, experts said.

In the recently released Sustainable Travel Report 2024 by, it was revealed that a staggering 96 per cent of Vietnamese travellers consider sustainable travel as a crucial aspect of their journeys.

This comprehensive report, gathered from 31,000 travellers across 34 countries and territories, delves into the latest consumer sentiments, preferences, and influencers concerning sustainable travel.

Looking ahead, a promising 94 per cent of Vietnamese travelers expressed their intention to prioritize sustainable travel in the coming year. Notably, 56 per cent admit to feeling guilt when their travel choices are less sustainable, while 21 per cent aspire to travel more conscientiously due to their firm belief in doing the right thing.

A noteworthy finding is that 54 per cent of travelers are drawn to accommodations that are recognized as more sustainable, underscoring the growing appeal of eco-friendly options.

The report emphasises the pivotal role of consistent certification standards, with a significant 71 per cent of travelers concurring that all travel booking platforms should adhere to the same sustainable certifications or labels.

To encourage sustainable travel habits, the travel industry can promote adherence to uniform certification standards and labels, fostering a collective commitment to sustainability among travelers.

Travelers are seeking destinations that align with their values of supporting local businesses, embracing diverse cultures, and offering opportunities for eco-conscious modes of transportation like walking, cycling, or public transit.

One such idyllic destination recommended by is the serene Sông Cầu in the southern province of Phú Yên.

Nestled amidst picturesque beaches and quaint fishing villages, Sông Cầu provides a genuine glimpse into local life. Visitors can explore historic lighthouses, embark on breathtaking treks to Mũi Điện Cape for panoramic vistas, or leisurely stroll through the village to observe the traditional practices of shrimp farmers.

Noteworthy sustainability initiatives in Sông Cầu include community-based tourism models, marine reserve development, and mangrove restoration efforts that bolster local communities.

Additionally, Hà Giang Province, situated in the northeastern mountainous region, is spotlighted for its striking karst landscapes, rugged passes, and mist-clad villages. 

Home to diverse ethnic minorities upholding their traditional cultures, Hà Giang is celebrated for its resilience and natural beauty. The region places a strong emphasis on cultural preservation and responsible tourism to ensure that travellers positively impact local communities.

Among other distinguished destinations featured on’s list are Quy Nhơn City in Bình Định Province, Hội An Ancient Town in Quảng Nam Province, Đà Nẵng City, and HCM City.

These destinations were handpicked from the top 500 locales based on the volume of properties with third-party sustainability certification, arranged according to the highest percentage of properties holding such certifications, inviting travellers to embark on rewarding, sustainable journeys. --- VNS

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