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Talk show on Vietnamese music, artists airs

CELEBRATING MUSIC - The talk show Trò Chuyện Cùng Thời Gian (Stories of Time), features famous singers and composers. It encourages youth to learn more about Vietnamese music. Photo courtesy of the produce

HCM CITY — Singers and musicians from the South will appear in a new talk show on Hồ Chí Minh Television (HTV) this week.

The show, called Trò Chuyện Cùng Thời Gian (Stories of Time), features Vietnamese music and songs by famous artists. 

The artists will share and discuss various topics related to Vietnamese music as well as their careers.

Their stories will be in the form of an interview or simple conversation hosted by producer Tùng Leo. 

The first episode on March 8 highlighted pop star Cẩm Vân.  

Vân was famous in the 1980s-90s. She performs works by talented composers such as Trịnh Công Sơn, Nguyễn Minh Tuấn, Quốc Bảo and Thanh Tùng. 

Her hits include Bài Ca Không Quên (Unforgettable Song), Đêm Thành Phố Đầy Sao (City Night Filled With Stars), Rừng Chiều (Forest at Sunset) and Đất Nước (The Homeland) by talented composers. 

VETERAN TALENT - Pop star Cẩm Vân, who has 40 years in singing, appears in the talk show Trò Chuyện Cùng Thời Gian (Stories of Time) on Hồ Chí Minh Television. Photo courtesy of the producer. 

She has won several awards at national music festivals and singing contests, including a golden medal for the Best Female Singer at the National Singing Contest in Hà Nội in 1988. 

She has been invited to perform in many countries including France, Germany, Australia and the US.

Vân talked about her 40 years on stage. Some of the secrets of her life were first discussed in the show. 

“Through our show, Trò Chuyện Cùng Thời Gian, audiences will learn more about Vietnamese music in different periods. It also offers quality performances in a southern style by talented artists,” said the show’s host and producer Tùng Leo.

Each 30-minute episode of Trò Chuyện Cùng Thời Gian is scheduled to be broadcast on channel HTV9 at 9pm every Friday.—VNS

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