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Vietnamese books introduced at international exhibition

The cover of Đại Bàng Tái Sinh (Eagle Resurrection) by Phạm Thị Thanh Hà, one of the Vietnamese children's books introduced at Taipei International Book Exhibition 2024. Photo courtesy of Thái Hà Books

TAIPEI Vietnamese books on culture and children’s literature are being introduced at Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) taking place at Taipei World Trade Centre.

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and organised by the Taipei Book Fair Foundation, TIBE is one of the most prominent book fairs in Asia and serves as a platform for publishers, authors, agents and book lovers from around the world to gather and showcase their works.

This year’s event is held from February 20-25 with the theme Catch the Reading Wave, featuring the Netherlands as the Guest of Honour Country. 242 international publishing houses from 34 countries will show up in the International Zone, while Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Japan and Thailand will set up national pavilions.

Attending TIBE 2023, Việt Nam introduces books of three main kinds – parents’ books like Nuôi Con Không Phải Là Cuộc Chiến (Parenting is not a Battle) by Bubu Huong, Mẹ Ong Bông & Hachun Lyonnet, and Happy Children by Hà Vĩnh Thọ; children’s books like Đại Bàng Tái Sinh (Eagle Resurrection) by Phạm Thị Thanh Hà, and Hành Trình Trở Về Của Bầy Chó (The Journey Home of the Dog Pack) by Bùi Mai Linh; and books on Vietnamese culture like Việt Nam Miền Ngon (Vietnam - The Land of Delicacies) and Việt Nam Dọc Miền Du Kí (Vietnam - Traveling Across Regions) by Lê Rin.

According to Vũ Thị Thủy, Director of International Cooperation of Thái Hà Books, that introduces Vietnamese books at TIBE this year, the event offers chance for the publisher to build international cooperation with other representatives and the organisers of TIBE.

“Vietnamese books are introduced to Taiwanese publishers this time and therefore might have the chance to enter the Taiwanese publishing market,” she added. VNS

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