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Việt Nam are confident for a win over Uzbekistan


Diego Giustozzi of Việt Nam (right) and Jose Venancio Lopez of Uzbekistan at the pre-match conference on April 23.

HÀ NỘI -- Diego Giustozzi says while he has the utmost respect for Uzbekistan, he is confident Việt Nam will a win in their quarter-final meet at the AFC Futsal Asian Cup on April 24 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Giutozzi expressed his satisfaction when his side reached the last-eight round and said: “I'm pleased with our qualification. Each group in the tournament has been challenging, with every team presenting a tough opposition.

"We've continuously improved with each match, but now that we're in the knockout stage, there's no room for error. Defeat means elimination and we must perform at our best.

"Uzbekistan are of the strongest teams in this tournament. They possess tactical prowess and physical strength to top their group stage. Uzbekistan also have good coaching staff and they are among the favourites.”

The Argentinean said Việt Nam must focus on enjoying the game while striving for victory.

He said: "Despite the challenges, our goal is to win the match. We have confidence in our abilities and we need to deliver a flawless performance to secure victory.

“I urge players not to dwell on past results but to focus on improving as a team. I'm fully committed to winning matches."

Vietnamese players in a training session. They will play Uzbekistan in the quarter-finals on April 24. Photo of VFF

Coach Jose Venancio Lopez said Việt Nam boasted remarkable improvement but expected victory for his side.

The Spanish tactician said the gap between Asian team was narrowed a lot, causing challenges for any team to secure their World Cup spot.

"Despite facing numerous difficulties, we have successfully won all our games so far. Việt Nam have also reached the quarter-finals, indicating they are at a similar level of skill,” said Lopez.

“Việt Nam poses a significant challenge. They are highly competitive and adept at transferring skills to their players rapidly. They are skilled in adapting to different scenarios and can change tactics accordingly. To progress to the next stage, we must assert control over the game."

He added that although Việt Nam suffered a 2-1 defeat to Thailand in the last group round no one could underestimate them. Uzbekistan must utilise all eligible players effectively and  to advance further at this tournament, a win was a must.

“I have full confidence in the team's abilities. They have worked hard to reach this point. We must focus solely on the upcoming match, as it holds significant importance. It's a do-or-die situation and we must give our all to emerge victorious," he said. VNS

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