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Cultural festival showcases ethnic groups


A view of the Việt Nam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — A series of festivals organised by different ethnic minority groups from the country’s northwestern region are taking place at the Việt Nam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Hà Nội.

The events, part of a programme themed Sống Như Những Đóa Hoa (Living Like Flowers), started on Sunday and will run throughout the month.

More than 100 local performers of 15 ethnic groups including Tày, Nùng, Dao, Mông, Thái, Mường and Khơ Mú will showcase typical cultural activities at the event.

They are coming from 12 localities in the northwestern region including Hà Nội and provinces of Thái Nguyên, Hà Giang, Sơn La and Hòa Bình.

The programme has also attracted the participation of students from the College of Culture and Arts, and Đằng Lâm High School in Hải Phòng, and the Photography Club at the Hà Nội University of Culture.

They will focus on music performances featuring the beauty of flowers and life in mountainous regions, such as white orchids from Sơn La Province, the homeland of the flowers and the majestic mountains where 12 ethnic groups live in harmony.

Various unique culinary features will also be present at the festival made by the skillful hands of Thai ethnic women.

A group of ethnic Thai women are cook local food. — Photo

A garden of buckwheat flowers will also bloom throughout the month to welcome visitors.

The event will also display works and documents about the country's sea and islands.

Visitors will the have chance to enjoy a special music and dance performance staged by youngsters to display their homeland’s culture and life, showing a love the younger generation have for their country and sovereignty over its sea and islands.

They will experience an exchange of traditional performances and folk arts such as múa xòe (dance with scarfs) and nhảy sạp (dance with bamboo poles), and participate in local ethnic games such as ném còn (throwing a ball through a ring for good luck), and kéo co (tug of war). — VNS

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