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Trà Cổ: a beautiful beach for all

Few beaches are as synonymous with tranquility as Trà Cổ Beach.

Hạ Long Bay always comes high on the list when it comes to the best tourist attractions in Quảng Ninh province. That’s beyond doubt because Hạ Long has made a name for itself as one of the world’s new seven wonders of nature.

However, this world wonder sometimes cannot quench the thirst of those who have a strong desire to discover new places. When these travellers seek the missing piece of their wanderlust elsewhere, Trà Cổ Beach emerges as a wonderful destination.

Rows of beefwoods cut across the landscape, separating the peaceful beach from the hectic Trà Cổ Town. Photo: internet

Located in the northeastern part of the province, about 170km away from Hạ Long Bay, Trà Cổ is a beautiful beach with golden sand, blue water and breathtaking ocean scenery. Along the beach lie rows of beefwoods that cuts across the landscape towards the horizon.

Looking from above, these beefwoods are like green lines that separate the landscape in two parts. One is the picturesque beach with soft waves lapping on the shore, and the other is the hectic Trà Cổ Town, sprawling for miles.   

The beach is a perfect spot to admire the pure beauty of sunrise and sunset. 

Trà Cổ is a must-visit place for anyone who wants to get away from it all. Here travellers can bury themselves in the sand catching while the sun rays, lay down on the beach listening to the rolling waves of ocean or just have moments watching sunset and sunrise. A leisurely afternoon of lounging will definitely make travellers feel instantly at ease and quicky recharge their batteries after a stressful time at work.

Trà Cổ makes a name for itself not only as a beautiful beach but also a great place for delicous food with the rich taste of the sea. Photo: internet

When travellers need a break from the beach, they can walk downtown to the boutiques and shops that are perfect spots to find gifts and souvenirs. Or they can retreat to one of the town’s eateries, restaurants or resorts to try the local food.

Two traveller-approved restaurants within steps of the beach are Hòa Thục and Thanh Hải, which offer a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes, including streamed lobster, fried octopus or fresh oysters.

The blue sky becomes coulorful with kites of different shapes and sizes as tourists take part in kite-flying activities on the beach. Photo: internet

Aside from splashing in calm turquoise water and building blush-colored sandcastles, travellers coming here can also enjoy activities like paddleboading and kite-flying, or the more unusual night squid fishing.

Night squid fishing is a fascinating activity that nobody wants to miss during their visit to Trà Cổ. It will bring unforgetttable moments with friends and family, and the enjoyment of tasting delicious dishes cooked from just-caught fresh squid is hard to beat

Sa Vĩ Mount is a good site to relish the breathtaking views of the beach from above. Photo: internet

Sa Vĩ Mount’s proximity to the beach also makes it a prime spot to unwind after hiking and climbing a trail of more than five kilometres long. Upon arrival, travellers can put their feet up to admire the pleasant surroundings, or look into the distance to enjoy the splendid sights and sounds of the 17km-long crescent-shaped beach.

The black Reef is a perfect mixture of golden sand, blue water and cool black boulder formations. Photo: internet

The beach runs the length of the northeast coast of the town and stops at the Black Reef.

Featuring massive black rocks, the reef is a feast for the eyes. In either direction, travellers can notice gigantic rocks positioned perfectly between the water and the sandy beach like a masterpiece endowed by God.

Anytime the winds blow, white waves thrust into the rocks, creating rumbling sounds that are pleasant to the ears.

Members of the festival procession march on the beach in colourful medieval constumes. Photo: internet

Apart from the beautiful beach and breathtaking sights, travellers visiting Trà Cổ in Lunar June are lucky enough to take part in the grand Trà Cổ Festival.

The week-long festival is an occasion for locals to worship ancient deities and wish the best for the town. The festival begins with a ritual procession, then many fun activities follow,  including the fattest pig competition and a cooking contest.

Finally, it ends with a traditional dance, which acts as a prayer for peace and wealth.

A beach holiday is a perfect choice to escape the daily grind. Whether you’re in the mood for a stroll on a beach leading up to a mount overlooking the ocean, lying relaxed on a golden sandy slice of paradise, or taking a breather after catching a few early morning waves, Trà Cổ Beach is a perfect fit for everyone and anyone. VNS

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