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Bánh Khúc (cudweed) cake

chef Lê Đức Hải 

This traditional cake, with a dumpling of pork, green beans, and cudweed leaves, is easy to cook and nutritious while helping the body stay warm during winter.
- Glutinous rice powder: 500 gr
- Fresh cudweed leaves: 500 gr
- Pork blade pork: 300 gr
- Peeled green beans: 200 gr
- Glutinous rice: 300 gr
- Dried onions: 50 gr
- Water: 400 ml
- Pepper: 1/5 tsp.
- Spice: 1/5 tsp.

Bánh Khúc

- Cut the meat into pieces and soak them in the spice and pepper for half an hour.
- Soak the green beans and glutinous rice in water for 3-4 hours and allow them to cool before steaming them. The steamed green beans are also ground.
- Fry the dried onions before adding the pork and ground green beans then stirring well.
- Boil the cudweed leaves and grind them, then put the water to one side.
- Place the glutinous rice in a tray and mix it with ground cudweed leaves and the boiled water until it becomes half-dry, then it cut into pieces (each piece equal to a duck egg) and put the dumpling mix inside then ball it well before covering with glutinous rice.
- Steam all for half an hour until fragrant.

You can enjoy Bánh Khúc and 50 other tasty dishes at Buffet Chillout at Ngon Garden Restaurant, 70 Nguyễn Du Street, Hà Nội.
The buffet is open from 7-10am every Saturday and Sunday at Ngon Garden Restaurant, priced at VNĐ185,000 per adult, half for children, and free for children under 1.1 metres tall.
Discounts are available this month when ordering via the hotline on 0902 226 224, for example “Buy 3 Get 1 Free”. VNS

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