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Bánh ướt lòng gà - a must-try in Đà Lạt city

Various ingredients are mixed together to make the dish. — Photo diadiemanuong.com
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Minh Minh

The early morning chill in Da Lat City makes staying in bed longer very tempting. But I always try to leave my warm blanket, go out and breathe in the cool atmosphere.

Luckily, there are plenty of delicious and affordable local breakfasts to warm the soul, and banh uot long ga (wet rice cake with chicken and tripe) is one such delicacy.

The dish is not to be eaten in a rush or to fill up the stomach. As its unique taste can’t be found elsewhere, it reminds me of memorable trips to Da Lat, the city of flowers and fog.

The English translation for this dish may sound unappetising, but it reflects exactly what’s inside the bowl: wet rice cakes topped with boiled chicken meat and the innards of pig or chicken, beansprouts, onions and herbs. The dish isn’t complete without some dipping sauce and chilli flakes.

The rice pancake is very fresh because it’s made right at the restaurant. — Photo diadiemanuong.com

Each ingredient plays an important role in creating balance and harmony for the dish and the boiled chicken and tripe mingles with the soft, shiny, wet pancake to bring an outstanding and unique taste.

Nguyen Thu Lan from HCM City loves travelling to Da Lat every year to enjoy the cool atmosphere and tranquility.

“While HCM City is busy, crowded and hot all year round, a trip to Da Lat city is a wonderful escape. To live life to the fullest, I often visit to Trang Restaurant to enjoy banh uot long ga right after arrival at the airport.

“Indeed, this is the first thing I want to try in Da Lat,” said Lan.

Some restaurants serve the dish with tripe of chicken and little eggs. — Photo diadiemanuong.com

“There are some shops selling banh uot long ga in HCM City but the taste of the dish is a proper experience when it’s enjoyed in Da Lat City. There are some remarkable restaurants in Da Lat. For me, the one served at Trang Restaurant is the best.”

The dish contains shredded chicken, internal organs of chicken or pig depending on different restaurants, herbs, steamed hot, stuffed pancake and sauce.

The ingredients are rustic and prepared with great care.

Stuffed pancake is made from rice which is soaked in water, then mixed with a little tapioca starch to make a thin, smooth and tough pancake.

The rice pancake is made carefully to make it flat, not too thin or thick. The chicken is boiled at good temperature to make the meat is firm, tender and tough. Then it’s shredded into pieces.


Some restaurants serve the dish with tripe of pig. — Photo diadiemanuong.com Photo songmoi.vn

The process of preparing internal organs is the most important part. Chefs prepare carefully to make the ingredients well-seasoned and eliminate the strong smell that some people don’t like.

Next, the tripe is soaked in a bowl of rice wine with some ginger, then is washed again in cold water.

The tripe is fried with spices for a while to preserve the sweetness and fat.

Making the sauce is a secret of the chefs that they won’t share, but it is based on the sour, spicy, hot, sweet and salty taste of fish sauce, sugar, pepper, lemon and chili.

The dish is served in a bowl together with basil and crispy fried onions. Perfect!

Banh uot long ga is not just a snack. It warms the soul and provides energy to discover the beautiful sights of the misty city. — VNS

In Box: Where to eat banh uot long ga in Dà Lạt

Quan Trang: 15F Tang Bat Ho Street

Thong Thien Hoc Restaurant: At the corner of Thong Thien Hoc and Bui Thi Xuan streets

Banh uot long ga Truong Cong Dinh: 21 Truong Cong Dinh.

Quan Long: Lane 202, Phan Dinh Phung Street

Bao Han Restaurant: 51 Yersin Street

Hang – Banh uot long ga: 68 Phan Dinh Phung Street

Chip Chip: 28 Tang Bat Ho Street


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